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Hapi is a data-integrations platform that effectively improves the process of extracting, cleaning and normalizing data for a number of stakeholders, allowing them to innovate faster. At the core, Hapi has built a “hub” with deep, secure APIs that allow one system to connect to multiple systems in a short amount of time and with little to no development work on the hoteliers’ end. Equally important, the integrations allow hoteliers access to many on-premise systems by bringing the connectivity and data into a cloud environment.

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Luis Segredo

What Makes You Special?

Hapi Connect is the only solution to securely integrate your data into Salesforce Cloud environments in real time, helping hoteliers to innovate using the world’s leading CRM.


Guest Service Is No Longer a Contact Sport
Hapi, one of the first, disruptive open data-streaming, integration and enrichment platforms in the hospitality industry, held a focus group with the board of governors at Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) - comprising the top CIOs and other executives in the industry - to understand the technology needs and priorities as hotels get ready to operate in the new normal, post COVID-19. The focus group attendees represent over 3.1 million rooms worldwide and Hapi was the first technology partner to undertake this new HTNG initiative.
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