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  • Guestroom Technology
  • Guest Communication
  • Guest Experience
  • Messaging/Texting Technology
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Wireless Technology


Nevotek is the provider of value-added hospitality solutions with unparalleled service levels for over 20 years. Nevotek products are the "catalyst" between guest satisfaction and hospitality technologies.  

Products can be installed on-prem or cloud based and are deployed in more than 50 countries around the globe. Nevotek's secure interactive solutions and touchless mobility products are designed for global brand hotels, luxury resorts, casinos and cruise-liners to create exceptional personalized guest experiences. The company has just released and started deploying a unique mobility product "Softphone by NevoTouchless”.
Years in business
Tankut Turhan, Chairman & Founder
HTNG Designation
FIAS, ORACLE and others

What Makes You Special?

Nevotek is unique with its modular but highly integrated product portfolio for guest facing applications. NevoEDGE Integration Platform connects countless systems and devices work together "like a single system". Few companies in the world can do such work in this scale and quality. Hoteliers can mix and match the best components for their brand and implement their vision either on premise or over the cloud.

Our solutions are the promise of creating an exceptional journey in the guest rooms, providing a differentiating guest technology experience.


Nevotek “Hospitality Softphone” Opens A New Era in Hotel Communications
A desktop phone on the nightstand or on the desk in a hotel room is part of the mandatory equipment that every hotel must have. Such a phone set has been a piece of technology that hoteliers loved because that phone was able to generate significant revenue during the pre- mobile phone days.
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