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Vendor Update Guidelines

Please follow and provide all pieces for your Vendor Update/Pipeline submission:
1. Vendor Update Guidelines
We suggest that you use these guidelines when you update your vendor listing or prepare a new one. Your company’s 500-word listing should be factual in content and matter of fact in tone, stated in the third person point of view, present tense. News, announcements, product developments and success stories about recent customers make the best update copy.
We recommend that you avoid the following:
-All inclusive adjectives and superlative degree adjectives as they tend to be promotionally slanted
-Terms connoting high purpose
-Stylistically lofty or flowery language
-Glowing descriptions of customers and speculations concerning their motives for using your services/products
-Excessive capitalization of words that are not proper nouns

Final published version will be edited for AP style and consistency.  We do not provide checking copy prior to print.
In summary, avoid any verbiage which is extremely evaluative or promotional in nature. If the statement would make good ad copy, it is probably not acceptable as a vendor update. However, you might consider placing a display ad with Hospitality Upgrade in order to tell your story with maximum effectiveness.
2. Recent Installations
You may list up to 5 recent installations using the following format.
Company         Location          # of Rooms      Software installed       Platform
XYZ Hotel         Atlanta, GA      330                  PMS                             Win NT
3. Reference Guide Listing
Please follow this format for all reference guide listings.
Company name
Brief description of products or services: (No more than 75 words)
4. Logo Submission:
Please supply us with your company’s logo that adheres to the following guidelines: 300 dpi; no smaller than 1 inch by 1.5 inches; preferably CMYK but RGB is accepted; preferably tif or eps but jpg and gif are accepted. 

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