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Supply Chain Attacks

Bad actors with malevolent intentions can wreak havoc on supply chain systems, costing organizations time, frustration and millions of dollars. John Bell details how these attacks originate, and details industry best practices to identify vulnerability and protect against malware attacks.


HTNG, HSMAI to Co-locate HTNG Connect: Asia-Pacific, HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in 2024
The American Hotel & Lodging Association’s technology committee, HTNG, and Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) announced that they will co-locate HTNG’s HTNG Connect: Asia-Pacific event and HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) May 8-10, 2024, at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. read more

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Mobile App Checklist: 7 Essential Questions Before You Invest

As travelers increasingly rely on their mobile devices to enhance their experience, a hotel that lacks a mobile app is overlooking significant opportunities to engage with guests in their preferred digital environment — on their mobile device. Whether you’re currently seeking a hotel mobile app or planning to do so in 2024, make sure to download this mobile app checklist to guarantee that you’ve chosen the ideal tech partner.


Bringing Digital Entertainment into Focus for Hoteliers

As the digital entertainment journey continues to evolve within the hospitality space, hoteliers are faced with more complex decisions than ever before about exactly how to provide their guests with both a memorable and seamless experience.



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Mobile Access Keys Do you use mobile access for your hotel room when available? The poll is closed.
Yes, always.
Yes, sometimes.
No, I prefer an actual key card/key.
No, I am afraid of this access.
I would but I don’t see it very often.

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