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The Road to SMEville

"Let me take you on a journey to a SMEville, a faraway land where life is harmonious and wonderful. You won’t find this place on any map or in any of the latest navigation apps. It takes much more to navigate the twists and turns on the road to this mystical place. But if you look hard enough, SMEville may be right around the corner from where you are right this moment."


VENZA Thrives During Economic Downturn 

VENZA is not only surviving during the economic downturn but thriving as it secures capital to expand its operations in 2020. “Extraordinary companies find a way to grow during a downturn,” says Jeff Venza, chairman & CEO “and we have big plans for expansion with this new infusion of cash,” said Venza. VENZA is expanding its MSP division through a combination of hiring new staff and the acquisition of another MSP business that will provide not only complementary services but also reinforce the services VENZA already provides its customers.

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tech spotlight

A Technology Guide for a Touchless Guest Journey

2020 will be regarded as a year of profound changes at a global scale. One that will probably reshape the way we do business, enjoy our vacations and how we relate to each other in general.


The Future of Hotel Guest Engagement

How an advanced property management system enhances the guest experience, according to the latest best practices it market research.



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Mobile Access Keys Do you use mobile access for your hotel room when available? The poll is closed.
Yes, always.
Yes, sometimes.
No, I prefer an actual key card/key.
No, I am afraid of this access.
I would but I don’t see it very often.

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