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Touchless Doesn't Have to Mean Serviceless

Touchless technology is not a new concept to hospitality. However, to ensure consumer safety during COVID-19 the need has moved to a more prominent position within hospitality. Hoare explains the need to find the right balance to create a touchless hotel without turning our backs on the underlining principals of hospitality.


Maestro PMS Kicking Off New Year with ‘Training Promo Packages’ and Free Contactless Tools and Services
To help its clients better navigate the new normal, Maestro has embarked on a training initiative that is helping hoteliers adapt to change and meet the demands of today’s vigilant travelers. The provider of cloud and on premises property-management systems to independent and luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals, and multi-property groups is offering a Training Services Package that gives Maestro users the opportunity to experience the full power of its Browser and Windows Version 5.5 PMS that rolled out across its portfolio in 2020. read more

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The Future of Hotel Guest Engagement

How an advanced property management system enhances the guest experience, according to the latest best practices in market research


The MAPP Report, by myDigitalOffice Gains Momentum

myDigitalOffice, the information management and back-office automation platform for hotels, recently launched the MAPP report (Market Analytics, Pace, and Performance), a free data analytics tool that enables hoteliers to identify forward-looking bookings pace and performance trends across their hotels and their respective markets, and visualize market recovery in real-time.



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Mobile Access Keys Do you use mobile access for your hotel room when available? The poll is closed.
Yes, always.
Yes, sometimes.
No, I prefer an actual key card/key.
No, I am afraid of this access.
I would but I don’t see it very often.

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