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Plans are Underway for 2022 - The 17th Annual Executive Vendor Summit - Check Back Soon!

EVS Registration is CLOSED

Conference room


Questions & Answers

The Executive Vendor Summit is an invitation-only event. To receive an invitation, you must hold the title of president or senior executive position (at a technology company actively involved in the hospitality industry that is also a current customer of Hospitality Upgrade magazine. ** If you received an invitation and you cannot attend, you CAN'T send anyone else. Our invitation list includes the who's who of the industry. And although we want the Summit to grow, we will never compromise quality for quantity. Unprecedented peer-to-peer networking has proven to be an integral part of the conference.
Attendance is limited to one attendee per company. If you haven’t received an invitation and are interested in attending and would like to be added to the list contact Kim Delaney (678) 802-5305, kim@hospitalityupgrade.com
Question: ATTENDANCE AND REGISTRATION: How much does it cost?

The Summit was created as a thank you for Hospitality Upgrade customers--Hospitality Upgrade does not profit from this event. Attendees are charged a shared cost at the time of registration. The registration fee for the 2021 EVS is $798 and includes the program, all meals, drinks. Attendees are also responsible for air travel, accommodation charges, and the pre-conference activity. Registration closes on May 17.

Question: ATTENDANCE AND REGISTRATION: Is there a spouse program?
Answer: Yes! If you are bringing a spouse/significant other to the Executive Vendor Summit, please register him/her for the events he/she will be attending. They attend the cocktail and dinner events on Wednesday and Thursday for a fee of $225. We will also include your spouse/significant other in the complimentary shuttle back to the airport, if desired. Please let us know if you are planning to bring a spouse.


Question: ATTENDANCE AND REGISTRATION: What is the cancellation policy?
Housing Cancellations. Cancellations for room reservations received more than 48 hours in advance of arrival date will be without penalty. Cancellations for room reservations received less than 48 hours prior to arrival date will be charged one night room and tax. An early departure fee of one night room and tax will apply for attendees checking out prior to the confirmed checkout date. 
Attendance Cancellations: Cancellations for conference attendance before Wednesday, May 17, 2021 will be without penalty. Please notify Siegel Communications in writing of a cancellation ASAP so we can plan accordingly. Not only do we make commitments to vendors on your behalf, but also our meals and events are assigned seating and arrangements must be made for your absence. Email: Millicent@hftp.org

Question: DRESS CODE: What is the conference dress code?

We've decided sport coats and button downs are overrated. Dress for the entire conference is casual. In other words, if you want to wear jeans on Wednesday then go for it! It will be June in Nashville, anything goes.


Question: SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: Will there be plenty of opportunities to network?
Answer: The Summit offers a rare combination of networking, social events and program. Attendees are free to form critical relationships with their peers in a relaxed environment. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet your peers whether it is at the sit-down dinners (where we specifically circulate you to have an opportunity to sit with all attendees), in the interactive sessions, at the cocktail receptions, during the icebreakers and networking activities. Seating is assigned at each of our events to encourage interaction.


Question: SPONSORSHIPS: Just how many sponsors are we talking about?

The Executive Vendor Summit is not a commercial endeavor, but a high level meeting for presidents and senior executives  from around the world. There will be very limited sponsorships available. We do not allow any formal sponsor presentations, but we will allow the sponsors to briefly welcome the attendees to the Summit.



Hospitality Upgrade and the event hotel are taking extra precautions for the group’s safety. The hotel has published it’s 'Welcoming You Like Family’ safety protocols which can be found online. In addition, Nashville was recently named a ‘Safe Travels Destination’ by the World Travel and Tourism Council, making it one of only two destinations in the United States to achieve the designation.

Question: ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS or assistance needed?

Please feel free to contact Kim Delaney at kim@hospitalityupgrade.com

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsor:


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