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Mike Rawson

Mike Rawson

citizenM Hotels

Mike Rawson is chief information officer for Amsterdam-based citizenM Hotels. He joined the organization in 2019 after serving in technology leadership roles at The Heineken Company, DB Breweries and Kohler. In the early years of his career, he held a variety of technology positions, including business analyst, solution architect and programmer.

One of the things that attracted Rawson to citizenM was its unique business model that vertically integrates almost every element of the technology stack. His primary initiatives since joining the company have been to streamline processes and restructure the IT department to maximize efficiency and enhance its ability to collaborate with the larger business. The result has been a significant increase in the delivery speed of products and features to both guests and the organization.

Rawson is implementing digital twin technology – which pairs the physical and virtual worlds to simulate, predict and improve outcomes – to help citizenM plan for the future. “We’re unique among hospitality companies in that we build and own more than 80 percent of our hotels,” he said. “Digital twinning allows us to run simulations before we construct a new property so that we can build faster and with higher quality and head off problems before they occur.”

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