ADB Reveals vuTyme ‘Lite’ for Economy Hotels at HITEC

  • ADB
  • 06.27.17
At HITEC Toronto, ADB launched vuTyme Lite, an interactive TV solution for in-room entertainment that enables economy hotel owners to offer their guests the rich viewing experience they expect, but without the robust concierge services built in.

vuTyme Lite - a scaled-back version of its popular vuTyme 4.4 in-room IRE solution - offers an All-IP digital platform (ADB 1640W set-back box) that reduces the cost of the in-room device. With reduced software features, no third-party licensees, and the new low-cost ADB 1640 in-room device, total cost of ownership to the hotelier is as a much as 40 percent less.
vuTyme Lite will be on display at HITEC Toronto in ADB Booth No. 337, June 27 to 29th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
“vuTyme Lite was designed to address hotel market segments that have been neglected by higher-end solution developers,” said Chris Dinallo, ADB chief technology officer and general manager, Americas Business TV.  “Until now, economy properties have been caught in the middle, having to purchase more than their guests’ need or alternatively choosing a basic free-to-air subpar service reducing guests’ satisfaction. This stops today with the introduction of vuTyme Lite.
“Hoteliers looking for an iTV solution that is high quality, easy to use, and offers a frictionless experience should visit ADB at HITEC,” Dinallo said. “Like our 4th generation solution vuTyme, vuTyme Lite operates in the cloud, requiring no hotel head-end equipment – just a compact set-back box discretely mounted behind the TV.”
For 20+ years, ADB has been offering the best and most useful interactive TV features for its customers. As the provider of 100 million at-home television set-top boxes and broadband gateway systems around the world, ADB is intimately familiar with what guests have, what they use, how they use it and what they want. This gives ADB the technical and behavioral experience that no other supplier has when designing, developing and deploying the next generation of iTV for hotels.
vuTyme delivers a complete set of in-room services, including live TV, Video on Demand, Pay-per-view, concierge, local channel, digital signage and targeted advertisements. It also provides Searchable Interactive Program Guide, direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code, Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Live TV and other guest-friendly features.
For more information on vuTyme Lite, visit ADB in Booth No. 337 at HITEC.

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