ATRIO PMS Chosen by broughtonHOTELS

  • Springer-Miller Systems
  • 11.05.14
PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. has announced that broughtonHOTELS, a hotel management company based in Anaheim, Calif., has  selected ATRIO PMS as its brand standard property management system.

“As a company we highly value innovation," said Helga Buszta, corporate director, revenue management of broughtonHOTELS. “ATRIO PMS represents the kind of technology innovation that helps push the entire hospitality technology industry forward and will allow us to continue to drive our management practices to the next level.”

broughtonHOTELS manages a growing portfolio of hotel properties in California and across the mid-west that now totals 14 individual properties. With a focus on results-based management, Broughton brings sophisticated and creative new solutions to age-old hotel management problems.

In search of a collaborative partner and a cloud-based, enterprise-level PMS, Broughton chose PAR Springer-Miller’s ATRIO PMS for all of its properties. Some properties will also install ATRIO POS for their food and beverage operations.

ATRIO’s HTML5 Reporting dashboard will provide the advanced, automated reporting that Broughton needs to steer their business at an enterprise level while providing the detail needed to make sound operational decisions.

“We needed a holistic property management system to support the growth of our business,” said Buszta. “Our approach to hotel management includes the full package, which now includes ATRIO PMS.”

“We’re delighted to have broughtonHOTELS join our growing family of ATRIO users,” said Larry Hall, president and CEO of PAR Springer-Miller. “We have a great deal of respect for broughtonHOTELS and their leadership team.  Broughton manages an impressive collection of first-class properties, and they pride themselves on their ability to innovate.  Larry Broughton has an outstanding reputation as a world-class entrepreneur, and we take great pride in their decision to leverage the innovation we created with our ATRIO products.”

ATRIO’s walk up and use simplicity and streamlined installation process allows Broughton to quickly install ATRIO in their properties and begin reaping the benefits. As a native cloud solution, installing ATRIO is like flipping on a light switch, avoiding costly hardware procurement, installation and lengthy training schedules. Designed with a goal of zero training and confirmed by the growing number of installations, ATRIO PMS dramatically decreases the time and expense of new system installation making it a smart choice for hotel management companies.

With ATRIO, PAR Springer-Miller Systems has pioneered and delivered a new generation of technology for the hospitality industry; moving the hospitality industry to the cloud, to a new user experience and to a new way of doing business. The ATRIO hospitality technology platform continues to expand with ATRIO POS and ATRIO Distribution, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for hoteliers and management companies by embracing true cloud computing, minimizing on-property technology and reducing implementation and training costs to increase staff efficiency and productivity.

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