ATRIO POS Deployed at The Embassy Suites at the Chevy Chase Pavilion

  • Springer-Miller Systems
  • 04.09.14
PAR Springer-Miller Systems, Inc. announced the successful deployment of ATRIO® POS at The Embassy Suites Hotel at the Chevy Chase Pavilion in metro Washington D.C.

With this deployment, PAR Springer-Miller achieves a significant milestone with the expansion of the ATRIO Hospitality Technology Platform and secures their reputation for technology innovation. ATRIO POS reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for hoteliers and management companies by embracing true cloud computing, minimizing on-property technology, and reducing implementation and training costs to increase staff efficiency and productivity.

“The transition to ATRIO POS was quick and smooth because it is innovative and the navigation is similar to what you would see on a smartphone. That made it a lot easier and a lot more comfortable for our staff,” said Jeff Brainard, area general manager for The Embassy Suites. “The team has been unbelievably responsive and positive. I have another hotel in Washington D.C. and I plan to install ATRIO POS.”

A native Windows 8 application, ATRIO POS offers an identical experience whether on a tablet or a stationary workstation.  ATRIO POS incorporates natural gestures such as swipes and pinches into an intuitive and efficient ordering process. 

“Our staff needed almost no training to use ATRIO POS,” said Brainard. “The system minimizes the learning curve and prevents new user frustration by being so easy to use. We’re very comfortable with the online product support, it’s like using social media.”

“ATRIO POS represents an essential module in our ATRIO suite of products and we’re thrill with the success of the Embassy Suites installation," said Larry Hall, president & CEO of PAR Springer-Miller. "The team from the Embassy Suites did a great job supporting the product launch. The property team helped exercise our objective of zero training with our true cloud-based ATRIO products.”

By leveraging the multi-billion investment Microsoft made in Windows 8 and their Windows Azure platform, ATRIO POS delivers value with its purpose-built-for-the-cloud architecture. ATRIO POS eliminates the need for costly on-premise servers and complicated setup; it is also built to support operations in an offline mode, should the Embassy Suites lose connectivity to the internet, outlets can continue service uninterrupted.

ATRIO POS builds upon the successful implementations of ATRIO Guest Experience Management, representing the true promise of feature velocity and the expandable ATRIO platform. PSMS utilizes agile development methods to expedite the release of new modules, such as ATRIO POS, as well as frequent releases of product enhancements. New features are delivered in weeks or months as opposed to years.

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