Agilysys and Compass Group Expand Partnership

  • Agilysys
  • 03.03.15
Agilysys, Inc. has announced an expansion of its technology partnership as Compass Group becomes the first foodservice management customer to implement the InfoGenesis™ Flex mobile point-of-sale system combined with the rGuest™ Pay payment gateway application.

The solutions were introduced in the Café 2400 dining facility at the company's corporate headquarters in January and will be rolled out to other locations nationwide later this year.

"Combined, these technologies are true game changers, because they allow us to move from behind the counter to wherever our customers are located," said Amy Keister, vice president of consumer engagement on Compass Group's Business Excellence team. "Everything, including point-to-point encryption, is integrated in a single, untethered POS system that we can use to support activities outside the café walls, such as food carts, after-hours events and employee or student fairs."

Christopher Dupre, Café 2400 chef manager, hailed the introduction of the tablet POS and payment gateway as a major step in the evolution of customer engagement. "We're looking forward to spending more time doing what is most important: providing excellent service and growing sales, said Dupre. "These solutions speed operational flow, help us close transactions faster and enhance the customer experience."

Compass Group is using InfoGenesis Flex, a mobile point-of-sale solution built around the InfoGenesis POS system. InfoGenesis Flex offers full point-of-sale functionality delivered on Dell® Venue Pro™ tablets, so that users can serve customers faster and more efficiently. Managers also have complete access to all InfoGenesis tools, even when on the floor, so they can oversee operations on the go. As an enterprise solution, InfoGenesis Flex is scalable to hundreds of mobile devices in a single location. A consistent InfoGenesis interface allows staff to seamlessly switch from terminals to mobile tablets.

Compass Group is also using rGuest Pay, the Agilysys payment gateway that enables complete and secure payment processing. rGuest Pay leverages one of the only offerings that includes: point-to-point encryption (P2PE), which reduces the potential for malicious hacking and fraud; a payment information proxy (PIP) that secures data arriving via e-commerce interfaces; robust tokenization, which eliminates storage of cardholder data; and a full range of fixed and mobile EMV-ready payment devices.

"Compass Group is a leader when it comes to using technology, and we are thrilled the company is expanding its partnership with us," said Michael Buckham-White, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Agilysys. "InfoGenesis Flex and rGuest Pay are powerful solutions that work together to address the top concerns of corporate foodservice venues – convenience, speed of service and security. They will allow Compass Group to streamline efficiency, protect customers' financial data and minimize their own operational risk. And, because the solutions enable faster and more convenient service, they will also help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty."

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