American Liberty Hospitality Chooses Aptech Computer Systems for Properties

  • Aptech Computer Systems, Inc.
  • 12.16.16
American Liberty Hospitality, a family-owned-and-operated hotel management and development company, recently chose Aptech Computer Systems’ hotel software to integrate in their properties.

Aptech, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the only provider of a fully integrated enterprise accounting, business intelligence and planning ecosystem to the hospitality industry. ALH installed Aptech’s entire suite of products, Profitvue® enterprise accounting, Execuvue® Business Intelligence (BI), and Targetvue Budgeting and Forecasting.

 “Timely Business Intelligence analysis is essential for any hotel company that manages by the numbers to reach its goals,” Kaplan said. “With Aptech we do same-day performance reporting.” Profitvue automatically collects property audit data and seamlessly flows it into Execuvue for analysis and a variety of ownership and management reports.

“Aptech’s Execuvue definitely makes our operation more efficient. This benefits our owners,” Kaplan said. “We provide actionable property performance analysis reports whenever needed. The system lets us identify and act immediately on issues that may affect profitability. These hotel software financial tools make us proactive managers who are able to intelligently achieve our owners’ goals. Now we optimize property performance with strategies based on actual performance.”

Aptech is also a factor in other areas of American Liberty’s business. “As ALH evolved with the new financial platform we found more highly qualified executives to join our team,” he said. “We changed from a small company with staff who knew how to audit a hotel, to a group of management professionals who understood how to put BI data to work for owners.”

ALH uses Aptech’s Targetvue to smoothly create efficient and accurate budgets and forecasts. The company communicates property financials with Profitvue Enterprise Financial Accounting and Webvue® remote access to instantly communicate between properties and ALH’s corporate offices. Aptech’s systems may be premise-based or remotely hosted. Aptech hosts American Liberty Hospitality’s systems and data at its secure network operation center.

“Aptech’s people have a wealth of hotel operations experience based on their work with hundreds of companies,” said Cindy Decker, Vice President of Revenue Management for Houston-based American Liberty. “We meet with them to brainstorm strategies and create goals for the next 12 months. Our objective is to leverage the best technology to create the greatest profitability for our owners.”

Kaplan agreed, saying, “Prospective owners are impressed by how we use Aptech’s solutions to create a highly effective management process that delivers a profit. Aptech is not just a vendor to us, it is a partner. We have a collaborative relationship and that creates success for our owners and all others involved.”

Aptech is the leading provider of hotel software for business intelligence, budgeting, and enterprise financial accounting.

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