Beekeeper Reveals Game-Changing Capability at ALIS

  • Beekeeper
  • 01.28.19
Just how engaged are a hotel’s employees? A robust set of new features from Beekeeper will be unveiled today at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit (ALIS) that will make it fast and easy for multi-property management companies and global brand enterprises to better gauge and impact engagement.

Called "Locations", this new feature set means that Beekeeper is the only product on the market empowering corporate / headquarters administrators to accurately reflect the structure and working styles of their organization in their digital workplace app – right down to real-time local management and engagement. This is not purely a matter of analytics and communication; the new Locations feature also is highly operational, expanding the potential of managers to autonomously provide their employees with the right tools they need to do their jobs. At a global level, administrators get a clear overview of exactly what's going on and can zoom in on properties at the click of a button.
“We are excited to unveil Beekeeper Locations at ALIS because this enterprise administration tool is really robust and it was designed specifically for this audience,” said Connie Rheams, Beekeeper VP of Hospitality. “Locations empowers chief operating officers, communications administrators and the like at the corporate level to view and shape employee engagement for the entire organization through the Beekeeper dashboard. So, if a corporate admin wants to understand which of their global properties is least engaged with internal communications, they can view this in seconds. And if they want to work with the property’s general manager to turn this around, they can launch a combined campaign with global oversight and local impact, providing disengaged local employees with huge operational benefits, such as weekly local shift schedules, daily briefing campaigns, and easy access to essential work documents via the Beekeeper platform.
“Admins can also use Locations to broadcast information,” she said. “For example, a global admin sees on the dashboard that a survey was sent to all front desk employees at a Brooklyn hotel. He or she can then replicate that survey and send it to all front desk employees across the enterprise or it can be shared only with front desk employees at every hotel in Asia. This widespread or targeted content sharing can be achieved with just a few clicks and distributed immediately. In this way, hotel company productivity is transformed.”
Beekeeper Locations will enable property managers to independently on and off-board employees, upload and update key employee documents (from schedules to the weekly canteen menu), measure employee engagement, and evaluate which content is most interesting to staff. It empowers them to run their own show locally instead of relying on HQ to drive the efforts and activities. More importantly, at any moment, corporate admins can log in and receive the same data in real time.
Three top benefits of Beekeeper Locations include:
1. Scale Beekeeper – Add more Locations as the hotel company grows and navigate between Locations from the global dashboard. Also, organize users into Locations in a way that makes the most sense for each business or enterprise.
2. Increase engagement on the platform and productivity in the workplace – View Analytics per Location and act by targeting engagement activities and information campaigns to specific Locations. Locally-relevant information and updates can be created and distributed by/for local teams. Greater relevance increases engagement and boosts productivity.
3. Save time and effort for Global and Group Admins – Empower Location admins to take care of local streams, users, navigation extensions and engagement activities. Plus, enable global admins to focus their efforts on increasing activation and engagement at a global level.

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