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Cendyn/ONE and ADARA Fuse Data Strategies to Increase Hotel Booking Conversions

  • Cendyn
  • 11.18.14
Adara and Cendyn/ONE have announced the results of a recent data-driven digital marketing campaign that secured a 34 percent increase in hotel bookings for a major five-star resort.

The campaign helped demonstrate the value of combining Cendyn/ONE’s first-party CRM data with first-party purchasing intent data from ADARA’s Magellan travel intelligence platform, ultimately securing a dramatic increase in campaign performance.

As part of the campaign, both companies analyzed, segmented and combined their extensive data sets to create the ideal target audience for driving hospitality conversion. Cendyn/ONE analyzed its CRM data, including demographic, behavioral, and geographic and lifestyle preferences, while ADARA evaluated the loyalty, booking and search data available through its ADARA Magellan travel intelligence platform to determine the most appropriate profiles. Working with their luxury resort client, the companies designed an A/B test campaign that compared premium content targeting (Campaign A) with data-driven audience targeting (Campaign B).

In addition to the higher conversion rate, the data-driven campaign approach pursued by ADARA and Cendyn/ONE generated 121 percent more revenue, resulting in a 31 percent higher return on the client’s ad spend.

“When we fused first-party CRM Data with consumer purchasing intent data, the results were impressive,” said Tim Sullivan, president of Cendyn/ONE. “The data-driven campaign exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to replicating this approach for future campaigns in the hospitality sector.”

For accurate results, the companies ensured that variables across campaigns were balanced and uniform. Cendyn/ONE  and ADARA included centralized tagging and revenue tracking, consistent display impression delivery, and identical creative, messaging and campaign timeframes.

“Our results underscore the advantage of being able to provide purchasing intent information derived from loyalty, booking and search data,” said Layton Han, CEO, ADARA. “Our ADARA Magellan travel intelligence platform helps marketers make advertising decisions to reach buying audiences. Combined with CRM data from Cendyn/ONE, we’re further accelerating conversions for clients by harnessing the power of first party data and predictive analytics.”

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