Clairvoyix Automates Guest Survey Response

  • Clairvoyix
  • 04.22.15
Clairvoyix, a marketing automation company for the hospitality industry, has implemented another enhancement to the Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution, specifically to allow its hotel, resort, timeshare and casino clients to automatically populate their marketing database with guest survey responses.

All Clairvoyix hospitality clients currently running our Software-as-a-Service Internet deployed system will immediately benefit from this upgrade, without the need to install any additional software and without any added cost.

While the current Clairvoyix solution allows for an automated post-stay email that could include a link to a guest survey, the enhancement includes an optional link to a survey (via a dedicated web landing page) that is populated with the guest's name, address and other information specific to their recent stay. Once the guest fills out the survey the information is securely transferred to the marketing database where it is made available in the Clairvoyix Hospitality Solution. This allows its marketing users to query the database for information such as a guest's willingness to refer the property to a friend, or how they rated the spa, dining or golfing experience.

Recognizing that past guests often utilize their mobile devices for email, the upgrade will also feature responsive design to ensure that the survey is rendered properly on the guest's mobile device, thereby increasing the probability that a guest will respond to the survey request.

"Our clients appreciate the fact that we are constantly innovating, and as importantly that a subscription to Clairvoyix includes periodic enhancements that are deployed without any disruption of service and without any added costs," said Mike Schmitt, Clairvoyix's CEO. "Marketers know the value of a guest survey, but they also understand the incredible resource drain created by dealing with hundreds if not thousands of surveys. Our clients would like to send marketing communications that show they are listening to their guests, and this enhancement makes that a reality, at any volume of surveys submitted."
"Understanding what makes your hotel or resort resonate with guests is important, as well as understanding any negative trends," continued Schmitt. "We know this will increase guest loyalty, and therefore it will drive incremental revenue. We are encouraging anyone interested to click the 'Survey Demo' button on our home page, and of course no personal information is required to run this demo."

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