Cloud PMS vs. Property-based Systems: Why Savvy Independents Choose Maestro Cloud from NORTHWIND for Reliability, Data Security, Processing Speed, PCI Compliance

  • Maestro PMS
  • 02.27.13
Many operators, particularly independents without a large franchise tech team behind them, want proof a cloud system will perform 24/7 with the fast response time they need to run a busy property.

They also have valid concerns about data security and ownership.

The stakes were high for two high-touch independent operators who recently evaluated NORTHWIND’s Maestro cloud-based property management system (PMS). They diligently researched options and compared Maestro with premise-based platforms and cloud systems from other providers. After lengthy analysis, both operators decided that the depth of features, integration, functionality and Diamond Plus Service of Maestro’s cloud-based PMS were the best fit for the unique needs.

The Legacy Hotel in Louisville, Ky,, and the Northern Hotel in Billings, Mont., had important system decisions. They both needed a new PMS. The Legacy Hotel operated its on-property PMS with multiple servers and a local area network that was getting old. Its hardware was unreliable and required an IT person for continuous maintenance. The hotel management decided to evaluate leading cloud PMS platforms that would take the hardware and system support burden off their back. “We were having good success with our Maestro Front Office System, but our server was aging," said Tim Belcher, assistant general manager of Legacy Hotel & Conferences. "I frequently had to restart the entire system and network if we had a minor power outage, and data backups were time consuming. Today NORTHWIND hosts our Maestro system in the cloud and my life is much easier.”

“We evaluated other PMSs and tested another vendor’s cloud-based system, but Maestro’s hosted solution was better,” Belcher said. “Now the old hardware is gone, and so is my responsibility for system maintenance, backups and data security. NORTHWIND secures our data and provides system updates; all we need is a desktop Internet connection. The system costs much less than if we had replaced our servers and network, and is faster and easier to use. Credit card approvals only take 3 seconds on Maestro’s cloud PMS.”

Belcher noted that PCI compliance is also very important to his property. “We saved thousands of dollars by having NORTHWIND host our system," he said. "NORTHWIND has most of the PCI responsibilities, and this saves us money, too. I deal with many vendors, and NORTHWIND’s team is the most professional, knowledgeable and helpful.”

The Northern Hotel had a different reason for wanting a cloud system. Its owners had extensive experience with property-based systems in large Las Vegas hotels. At its new property, it wanted more freedom to collect and manage data along with a provider that would take responsibility for its system.

“We wanted a hosted system because it keeps mainframe computers and their overhead out of our building,” said Mike Nelson, general manager of the Northern Hotel. “We required a PMS robust and limber enough to handle what we needed to do. We looked at 15 systems from low-powered, low priced ones, to high-powered high price and chose Maestro. Maestro was affordable for us, and as an independent, budget is king.”

Nelson noted that one of his primary goals was to create more effective guest preference marketing programs. “This requires access to lots of guest history data, and Maestro delivers it,” he said.

NORTHWIND will host the Northern’s cloud-based Maestro PMS from its secure data center. “Maestro gives us the operational control we want from the day we open," Nelson said. "NORTHWIND is a committed partner that will grow with us.” Nelson added that with NORTHWIND hosting his hotel’s system, the Northern management team can focus on operations, not technology.

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