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Cloud5 Introduces the Hospitality Dashboard Experience (HDX) at HITEC 2018 Booth No. 2519

  • Cloud5 Communications
  • 06.15.18
Cloud5 introduced a new concept that will provide the industry with access to real-time predictive insights by expanding the traditional dashboard to include all networked systems that affect the guest experience.

Members of its now-forming HDX Advisory Board will have exclusive access to the first-in-market strategy as well as the opportunity to participate in the evolution of the HDX solution.  
A groundbreaking smart dashboard concept, the Hospitality Dashboard Experience (HDX), is built on Cloud5’s open and unified voice and data platform and will merge standard network metrics with data analytics to streamline staff workflows and optimize the guest experience.
By leveraging vast sources of device-based data, including inputs across the Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud5 HDX will monitor and analyze performance, take proactive corrective actions based on network events and present opportunities to enhance guest service and operational efficiency.
“Since 2006, our mission has been to partner with hotels in order to help them reduce costs, streamline operations and increase revenue through innovative cloud-based solutions and services. But at the end of the day, it all comes back to enhancing the guest experience,” said Mark Holzberg, EVP and chief commercial officer, Cloud5 Communications. “Cloud5’s HDX will expand the traditional business dashboard to include all systems that affect the guest experience. In doing so, we will provide our partners with the ability to gain access to a guest-centric view of their systems, rather than a purely engineering view, and better enable them to increase guest satisfaction.”
Key highlights of the HDX Concept:
Paradigm shift to a guest-centric dashboard – An open platform for data consolidation and integration across the property, HDX will empower managers, staff and front desk employees by providing access to up-to-the-minute snapshots of every room and a new way to interact with the hotel’s systems in real time, directly impacting guest satisfaction scores.
Proactive, prescriptive action – HDX will provide the workflows that enable hoteliers to proactively resolve issues for guests and provide a corrective action that pre-empts bad reviews or negative comments on social media reviews. For example, if the general manager knows a guest’s TV was down for several hours, he/she can automatically deposit 500 rewards points into their account as an apology for the inconvenience.
A “dashboard of dashboards” that connects the dots – HDX will pull together many of the different components from within a hotel’s network. It essentially brings all those components together in a holistic view, providing the framework to power self-healing network structures and business intelligence. Cloud5 will continue to evolve the system to aggregate disparate hotel systems into one centralized, multi-level dashboard, addressing a range of user roles and experiences.
Unique global picture of properties –  Management companies and corporate offices will be able to access a global picture of their properties in order to take action on important relational or brand group data. This allows them to compare their hotel properties quickly and easily and allocate resources more efficiently, a core functionality that is lacking in today’s current hospitality platforms.
“Cloud5 is looking forward to working with our HDX Advisory Board, which is currently forming and will be comprised of both hoteliers and industry experts, to evolve and refine the HDX as we advance its development during the year and into the future,” said Holzberg.

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