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Culinary Software Services Releases ChefTec xt6 Software

  • Culinary Software Services, Inc.
  • 03.10.16
Culinary Software Services, a provider of back-of-the-house technology for the foodservice industry, has announced the release of ChefTec xt6 software.

The new version has been designed especially for Windows 10 (but also runs on 8/8.x and 7). It features enhanced reporting capabilities, administrative controls, menu engineering functionality and time-saving features.

“The new reports, features, and functionality in ChefTec xt6 were designed to give operators more control, knowledge and the ability to save hours of labor,” said Kevin Paider, training manager at Culinary Software Services. "Everyone is looking for assistance to improve their bottom line, save time and increase the productivity of the operation.”

Some of ChefTec xt6’s enhancements are:

  • A new “Vendor Performance” report showing the numbers of shortages and substitutions over a given time period.
  • An added report showing waste by employee, date, location and cost.
  • Ability to set “Requisition Limits” for ordering from profit centers.
  • Functionality for sending invoices to approving authority before payment.
  • “Recipe Cost Changes” report shows recipes affected by changes in ingredient costs.
  • “Advanced Menu Designer” allows the user to define descriptors to inventory and filter by descriptors like “contains pork” or “contains alcohol.”
  • More speed typing features to reduce data entry time and faster report processing.
  • EDI interfaces for Pratts Wholesale Limited, UNFI, and FreshPoint, and a new export for Jonas.

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