DerbySoft provides dynamic data for Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel

  • DerbySoft
  • 12.15.16
DerbySoft, the hospitality software company, announced that their custom connection to Facebook for its overhauled Dynamic Ads for Travel program is now live.

DerbySoft is currently providing high-accuracy, dynamic rates and availability to Facebook for one of the world’s largest hotel groups with two other global hotel groups in the pipeline.

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel is a key example of necessary change within the travel distribution and digital marketing landscape. Digital marketing for hotels has traditionally relied on static rates and availability typically transmitted by spreadsheet or CSV files. Static files are truly accurate only at the moment they are created and quickly become outdated. The consumer, therefore, is not interacting with a true reflection of what the hotel can offer, and conversion can suffer.

Due to dynamic pricing data through DerbySoft, hotel companies will now be able to achieve higher conversion rates, while customers receive the most accurate information and rates. DerbySoft’s new Real Time Data (RTD) solutions were engineered with Dynamic Ads for Travel firmly in mind, and the company is excited to be working closely with Facebook to reshape how digital adverts are served to customers.

Quentin Moores Vice President, Marketing Services at DerbySoft, added: “Whilst other advertising platforms offer retargeting and some limited data functionality, DerbySoft is uniquely positioned to power dynamic rate feeds on Facebook from any DerbySoft-connected CRS. As Facebook continues to be the digital marketer’s preferred platform, this is a logical progression for us in taking dynamic marketing to the next level. The ability to offer 1.8 billion people truly accurate hotel rates and availability is unprecedented and it will offer a huge advantage to all hoteliers, not just the larger chains.”

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