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For-Sight Powers Florida’s The Seagate Hotel & Spa's Marketing Efforts with Cutting-Edge Technology

  • For-Sight
  • 03.30.23
The Seagate Hotel & Spa has recently signed a new partnership with For-Sight, a specialist in hospitality data-driven technology.

This collaboration will bring a new level of sophistication to The Seagate’s marketing efforts, providing the hotel with access to valuable guests’ insights and the ability to utilise that data to personalise their marketing initiatives.

With For-Sight’s technology, The Seagate Hotel & Spa will be able to make informed decisions based on their guests’ interests and preferences, allowing the hotel to offer an even more custom-tailored experience to each guest and anticipate their specific needs.

“We’re very excited about our recent partnership with For-Sight and we highly value the data that the company provides,” said Alex Schnoeller, Managing Director of The Seagate. “Guest experience is our top priority and the insights generated from For-Sight provide us with the tools to individualism each guest interaction and continue to provide a strong focus on guest services.”

“Our property attracts both leisure and business travellers. Using For-Sight’s CRM the team will be able to understand guests’ behaviours and meet their expectations with anticipatory service. The ability to understand our guests’ needs and suggest service enhancements and accommodations (such as events, culinary opportunities, in room options, late checkouts, etc.) will empower the team to meet those needs with meaningful recommendations,” Mr. Schnoeller continued.

This partnership marks a milestone for The Seagate Hotel & Spa, and the team is eager to unlock the full potential of For-Sight’s technology. For-Sight’s Marketing Solution will also enhance the autonomy of the marketing team and give them the flexibility they need to manage their own campaigns and the design process in-house, as well as highlight the properties’ unique features.

“We are thrilled to be working with The Seagate Hotel & Spa, helping them with For-Sight to make data-driven strategic decisions, create effective personalised communications and increase revenue,” said Allan Nelson, CEO and Co-Founder of For-Sight. “We believe that this partnership will be a major success and we look forward to seeing the positive results it will bring. With a proven track record of success, The Seagate Hotel & Spa is set to continue its growth trajectory, and this collaboration with For-Sight will be a key driver in making that happen.”

For-Sight provides hospitality professionals with its Hotel CRM & Marketing solutions, supporting them to deploy their marketing strategy at scale and generate revenue.

The platform is designed for hospitality professional ready to develop a data-driven strategy and to implement marketing personalisation and automation.   

For-Sight is the perfect tool if you're looking at: 

-        personalising the guest experience at every touchpoint
-        automating your transactional communications (pre, on and post-stay)
-        tracking the success of your campaigns
-        accessing unique insights on your guests’ behaviour and preferences 

And more! 

How does it work? For-Sight unites Hotel technology systems to turn siloed guest data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other transactional systems into a central source of truth for each guest and their journey. 

It's time to turn your data into bookings!  www.for-sight.com

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