Future of the Hotel Industry Discussed in 2014 Hotel Yearbook

  • Hsyndicate
  • 12.20.13
The publication of the eighth edition of The Hotel Yearbook has been announced by Hsyndicate.

Made up of exclusive editorial contributions from more than two dozen opinion leaders from around the world, the publication focuses on the future of the hotel industry and the trends and innovative ideas that will have an impact on its development.

Rounding out the contents is an extensive series of country reports written and compiled by the consultants of Horwath HTL. Each report gives a brief snapshot of the country's hotel business landscape in 2013 and then an insider's perspective on the outlook for 2014 and beyond. This includes key developments anticipated, changes in the regulatory environment and expected moves by the market's most important players. Altogether, 45 different markets are described, from the U.S. and China to Myanmar, Peru and Ghana.

A selection of some of the 25 editorial contributions in this year's edition include:

  • Hotel trends 2014: The industry moves forward by Rohit Verma, professor at Cornell School of Hotel Administration
  • IH&RA in 2014: protecting the interests of the industry by Casimir Platzer, president at the International Hotel & Restaurant Association (IH&RA)
  • Business travel trends: Four things to expect in 2014 by Michael W. McCormick , executive director at The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)
  • The changing face of the luxury resort by Bernhard Bohnenberger, president of Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas
  • A 2020 vision for revenue management, or “Meet John, the CVO”  by Trevor Stuart-Hill, founder and president of Revenue Matters
  • The DNA of luxury - Katara MD Bruno H. Schöpfer interviewed by Denis Morisset by Denis Morisset, executive director of ESSEC MBA in International Luxury Brand Management
  • Hostel 2.0: The “S” is no longer silent by Demian Hodari, professor of strategic management at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

The Hotel Yearbook 2014 is an e-book, available not only at the Hotel Yearbook web site but also via Hsyndicate's 25 plus online channels. In addition, it is being distributed to the members of such organizations as HFTP, HSMAI and IH&RA. It is also being distributed to the students, faculty and alumni of  some of the leading schools of hospitality management such as Lausanne, Cornell, ESSEC and Hong Kong Polytechnic. .

"The world is changing fast. We all know that. But how will it change for the hotel business?" said Woody Wade, The Hotel Yearbook's founder and publisher. "That's the crucial question. People making managerial decisions today need to think about how their future business landscape will be different from today. Since The Hotel Yearbook was first published in 2007, its aim has always been to present the expectations and insights of leaders and experts who know the hotel business well, and give readers an opportunity to think about future industry scenarios that are developing."

"Our focus on foresight and innovation in the global hotel industry make the publication a thought-provoking must read for anyone in a managerial position in this business," said Henri Roelings, president of Hsyndicate. "Through Hsyndicate's distribution network, The Hotel Yearbook reaches a large global audience of the industry's decision makers."

"We are delighted to be working with the Hotel Yearbook again in 2014," said James Chappell, global business director at Horwath HTL. "For us, the Hotel Yearbook is the perfect start to the new year for anyone who wants to get a handle on where the industry is headed, and Woody Wade and his team have built the publication up to a level that is indispensable. It's a testament to Horwath HTL's global reach that we are able to contribute 45 insightful global market reports this year. We know that these snapshots give the inside track on many important markets around the world."

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