Great Wolf Lodge Colorado Springs Bolsters Guest Experience with PDC's Smart Band RFID Wristband System

  • Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.
  • 02.24.17
PDC, one of the global leaders of innovative identification solutions, announced the installation of its Smart Band® RFID Wristband System for electronic access control and cashless payments, at Great Wolf Lodge® Colorado Springs, the brand's newest property located at the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains, south of Denver. The indoor waterpark resort is the latest of eleven Great Wolf Lodge resorts to introduce PDC's RFID wristband technology.

Designed to streamline guest transactions, Smart Band supplements traditional forms of payment and access credentials that are usually carried in a wallet, purse, or pocket. Upon check in, Great Wolf Lodge guests are issued a non-transferable, waterproof PDC Smart Band, with a securely sealed RFID chip inside that safely collects and transfers data when scanned by a reader in the park. Each chip is programmed with a unique alpha-numeric code that is assigned to a guest portfolio, so the bands are impossible to duplicate.
"Personal data is never compromised with Smart Band. When scanned by a Great Wolf Lodge reader, each wristband's unique ID number simply verifies access or purchase authority that has been assigned to that guest," said Robin Barber, vice president of leisure and entertainment for PDC. "Once the guest leaves, that unique ID becomes void."
Smart Band's contactless interface provides significant advantages for hotel room access, compared to standard magnetic strip key card door locks, which can collect dirt and debris, impacting performance. Since Smart Band is securely fastened around the wrist, guests no longer need to worry about forgotten, lost or misplaced key cards.
Functioning as a convenient "wrist wallet," Smart Band enables Great Wolf Lodge guests to make convenient instant purchases using their RFID wristband. "PDC's Smart Band RFID wristband technology has positively impacted the guest experience, and is extremely well-received by guests and staff alike," noted Rajiv Castellino, CIO for Great Wolf Resorts. "Guests no longer need to worry about carrying cash, credit cards, and room keys throughout the park, since the wristbands function as a one-stop shop. The last thing a guest wants is to end up with soggy or lost money and the Smart Band RFID wristband technology solves this common concern."
Smart Band is fully customizable, and offered in a wide variety of colors and material options including plastic, silicone, woven fabric and thermal print-on-demand styles. Its nontransferable single-use closures and re-wearable styles are ideal for either single-day use or season pass programs.

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