Guest-tek Forms Strategic Relationship with VT Group to Bring GPON Innovation to Hotels

  • GuestTek™
  • 02.24.15
Guest-tek™ has announced the formation of a strategic relationship with VT Group, a full-service provider of customized gigabyte passive optical LAN (GPON) solutions and leading systems integrator of emerging and advanced technologies for government and commercial customers.

The partnership between VT Group and Guest-tek provides hoteliers the convergence of IP intelligence and optical technologies from a single service provider, greatly improving hoteliers’ ability to develop cost effective and scalable network infrastructure to support current and future applications.

GPON technology offers many advantages to hoteliers including faster speeds, greater energy savings and ease of operation. Guest-tek and VT Group have invested heavily together to ensure a seamless integration for a best-in-class experience for hotel guests.

“VT Group is the ideal global partner to help us meet the advanced GPON infrastructure requirements at hotels,” said Arnon Levy, CEO of Guest-tek. “So far, the relationship has generated engagement on several projects which complete over the next two years, representing several thousand guest rooms and several million dollars’ worth of design and deployment.”

GPON is an enterprise platform that ensures the seamless integration of voice, video and data on fully converged networks using ultra-efficient fiber connections to every guest room. The technology is regarded as being very cost competitive, considering its many benefits, and its scalability from the largest properties down to hotels as small as 100 guest rooms.

“This all-star teamwork creates a significant opportunity for hotels interested in providing high-capacity technological services for their guests,” said George Allen, VT Group strategic advisor, former U.S. Senator and Virginia Governor, and Ambassador for The Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN). “The combined, synergistic strengths of Guest-tek and VT Group will allow more hotels worldwide to benefit from the high performance, energy/cost savings and guest satisfaction from our GPON solutions."

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