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HAPI Enables Digital Key Provider STAYmyway to Focus on Innovation

  • HAPI
  • 06.13.18
HAPI, a transformative new data streaming, integration and enrichment platform designed to solve the hotel industry's rapidly expanding data management challenges, has been credited with streamlining the industry roll out for STAYmyway, a disruptive new digital key solution that does not require lock replacement.

"In developing and launching any new technology solution for the hotel industry, time is of the essence," said Faustino Fernández, CEO of STAYmyway. "Not only does technology evolve at lightning speed, but it is critical to get beyond the pre-revenue stage as quickly as possible and begin implementation in the field. This was especially true for STAYmyway, as we are introducing a game-changing solution for smartphone-based access control - an area that is currently experiencing increased adoption, so there is opportunity for rapid growth. Working with HAPI has enabled us to direct development efforts to innovate further with mobile check-in and ID verification."
The STAYmyway solution enables hotels to cost-effectively implement mobile key functionality, allowing guests to open their hotel room doors, as well as access additional common areas, using only their personal smartphone. Most lock providers currently require a full hardware replacement to enable mobile key functionality. The STAYmyway solution provides a cost-effective alternative that works with any existing door locks, and also allows for digitalization of access management. In addition, STAYmyway's open API libraries allow for integration to the hotel PMS, as well as with a hotel's existing mobile app.
"As a startup, we do not have the means, nor the time, to build separate integrations to all of the relevant PMSs out there, and there are many in use today around the world," continued Fernández. "By providing the integration we need, HAPI enables us to stay focused on our core offering - which is to deliver the simplest, most affordable and most efficient mobile key and check-in solution on the market."
Developed by hotel technology innovators, the HAPI data streaming platform runs on the AWS infrastructure and leverages the same highly scalable, distributed and open source technology platforms, such as Apache Kafka, that are used by the world's largest social media and business services, to which multiple layers of encryption, authentication and governance are added.
"Through the HAPI integration platform, STAYmyway is able to deliver an unrivaled mobile check-in experience with the PMS, including the world's leading one, without having to do any of the heavy lifting with the vendor," added Nikolai Balba, co-founder and CTO of Data Travel, LLC, the developer of HAPI. "You cannot put a price on that opportunity for any startup."

To learn more about the HAPI data streaming and integration platform, please schedule a demo at HITEC Booth # 2810 (Data Travel, LLC) in Houston, June 19-21.

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