Hotel Effectiveness Announces Two-Way Integration with ProfitSword

  • Hotel Effectiveness
  • 08.18.16
Hotel Effectiveness has announced a two-way integration with hospitality business intelligence tool ProfitSage by ProfitSword.

The integration will eliminate manual data entry within both systems and broaden data insights that will help enhance the decision-making process of mutual customers.

With the new two-way integration, operational data including actual and forecasted occupancy, revenue and other business drivers will automatically sync from ProfitSage into Hotel Effectiveness. Likewise, actual labor data will automatically sync from the Hotel Effectiveness labor management tools into ProfitSage. This gives customers a more complete and up-to-date view of their hotel operational data.

“The best management companies realize that technology really does drive a competitive advantage," said Mike Martin, CEO of Hotel Effectiveness. "The ability to combine a cutting edge operational tool like ProftSage with the best labor management tools in the industry is a powerful one-two punch."
Paul Bennie, director of business development with ProfitSword added, “We are always looking for ways to streamline work for our clients and provide them the most complete and updated view of their business. This new two-way interface with Hotel Effectiveness is a perfect example of how we can partner together to make that a reality.”

This new integration is being installed in shared customers including hotels managed by Hospitality Ventures Management Group, NewcrestImage, Gemstone Hotels & Resorts, Fillmore Hospitality and Hospitality America.

Since 2007, Hotel Effectiveness has set the hotel industry standard with a solution designed to help hoteliers reduce labor costs and increase profit flow-through. As the demand increases for new ways to integrate with key systems in the industry, Hotel Effectiveness continues to take an innovative approach in working with hospitality vendors to add the most value for their customers.

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