Hotel Internet Services' Wi-Fi Solutions Chosen by Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento to Maximize Guest Connectivity and Satisfaction

  • Hotel Internet Services
  • 12.05.16
The Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento has selected Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, to ensure its guests have a seamless online experience.

With the critical importance that today's guests place on a hotel's internet service reputation when considering booking options, the property's new leadership understood the need to act fast in repairing pre-existing issues such as weak signal strength and lagging speeds. Now equipped with HIS Wi-Fi, the Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento has since noted a dramatic turnaround in its Wi-Fi capabilities, with guests able to report full satisfaction with the service regardless of their location within the property. 

Prior to implementing HIS Wi-Fi last fall, Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento's internet service framework consisted of hallway and rooftop access points (APs) tasked with transmitting internet signals to guest devices. A common method of providing Wi-Fi throughout the hospitality industry, the property's new owners consequently found themselves having to deal with typical poor connection issues that are virtually universal as a result of this sort of setup. Wanting to affordably overcome concerns such as weak signal transmission, uneven Wi-Fi coverage and AP signal interference, hotel management selected Hotel Internet Services in order to cost effectively upgrade its online offerings. As with many properties built prior to the emergence of Wi-Fi functionality, the Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento needed to overcome its lack of Ethernet wiring, an issue that HIS addressed by using existing phone lines to connect equipment. With its installation professionals recognizing the limitations of hallway APs, HIS also opted to implement in-room APs as an alternative, drastically limiting interference and ensuring that guest devices are close enough to a signal's source in order to guarantee an optimal experience.

"When purchasing the property and beginning renovations, we instantly recognized that updating our Wi-Fi services was an absolute priority due to its vital importance to so many guests," said Dan Su, asset manager at the Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento. "In working with Hotel Internet Services, we are extremely pleased in obtaining an end result that not only fully addresses guest concerns, but was cost effective and minimally disruptive during installation. We look forward to participating in an evolving relationship with HIS that can also cater to future needs, such as our potential interest in offering an enhanced version of Wi-Fi to guests willing to pay a fee for additional bandwidth."

In providing tiered bandwidth services, Hotel Internet Services can ensure that properties considering the monetization of their Wi-Fi, can do so without affecting guest satisfaction. While industry experts recognize the high importance that guests place on free Wi-Fi services, hotels implementing tiered bandwidth can vitally still meet this need, while still being able to earn revenue from users wishing to connect a premium serve in order to use more devices or surf at higher speeds.

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