Hotelogix Revamps Support Initiative to Ensure Customer Success with Cloud-Based PMS

  • Hotelogix
  • 12.18.14
Hotelogix has added new account managers to its team to ensure best practices support for all of its customers.

The account managers will provide multilingual, 24x7 customer support designed to make each property successful. In addition to offering hoteliers one user license of its robust PMS at no cost, dedicated Hotelogix account managers are now delivering best practices strategies customized specifically to sustain small- to- medium-size hotel operations. Speedy, comprehensive online training is also being offered frequently to cover all aspects of implementing the hospitality above-property PMS. 

"Keeping customer success at the forefront, the new Hotelogix account manager support initiative is designed specifically to ensure the success of hoteliers using either our 'freemium' offering or our paid premium solution," said Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix. "Having worked with small- to medium-sized hotels for many years, the Hotelogix team understands the constraints and dynamics owners and operators face in this segment. This support group is now serving as an extension of our customers' internal teams, not only ensuring usability of the product, but adopting best practices and initiatives to maximize their business."

Hotelogix is currently used in more than 75 countries. The solution facilitates critical operational tasks, such as front desk, restaurant and spa management, housekeeping, reporting and more. It also enables hotels to connect to online booking channels in real time, providing a single point of control. To ensure that all questions are answered instantly, Hotelogix offers robust customer support via live chat in English, Spanish and Portuguese with highly trained, knowledgeable, and always available consultants. Real time, multilingual online chat is also provided.   

To get started with the Hotelogix PMS, hotels simply need a computer and a basic Internet connection. Hotelogix will manage server maintenance, interconnectivity with the sole staff user and database administration in the cloud, enabling each property to easily work with a minimal infrastructure. Each user will enjoy data security of the highest standards with reliable cloud servers for uninterrupted service, safety for their data backed-up continuously, and ready access to 24/7 support.

"At Hotelogix, we are always looking for ways to improve our level of product support and customer service," said Sanghi. "To ensure that our customer's questions and requests are managed efficiently and effectively, we are supplementing our customer relationship executive and setup/integration teams by adding a dedicated account manager for each property effective immediately. It is the role of each account manager to assist owners and to be their representative inside Hotelogix with the ultimate goal of guaranteeing their business success."

"The single most impressive aspect of using Hotelogix is the customer support you receive," said Matthew Werner, general manager for the Hotel 32 in New York. "I have come by almost no companies where the support team goes out of the way to ensure client satisfaction the way Hotelogix has."

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