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IDeaS Success Leads to Significant Investment in the Client-First Experience

  • 02.23.23
What do you get when you bring together passion, commitment, and a deep understanding of technology? You get a best-in-class client experience that ensures client success, supports aggressive growth goals, and sets the organization apart from competitors.

After 30-plus years of designing, developing, and innovating the industry’s leading revenue management system, IDeaS has grown because of its dedication to client success. The past several years – even through a crippling pandemic – have resulted in extraordinary growth in client installations and support. To ensure our customers continue to receive exceptional customer service, we introduced a new internal Client-First Culture Framework to guide our continued growth and expansion.
This framework was created by the leaders of several IDeaS client-facing teams across the organization with the goal of inspiring team members to envision what is possible and focus their efforts in line with IDeaS' growth trajectory. Beginning in 2023, IDeaS’ client-facing organization began aligning on the ambitious objectives of this framework. This in turn has resulted in a reorganization of our customer success teams and resulted in the addition of five new positions in the organization.
My team and I are looking forward to ensuring our clients have access to a leadership team positioned to deliver against our strategic growth goals, with an even deeper focus on client engagement. Our support structure is industry-leading and evolving to serve our clients, regardless of size or location. This new framework is an investment in our clients’ success.
Ensuring a Successful Client Journey Through IDeaS’ Centers of Excellence
Designed to take our client success to the next level, the IDeaS Center of Excellence teams will be tasked with delivering the following ambitious objectives of this framework including:
  • Creating a purpose-driven client experience
  • Enhancing resources to support a “digital first” approach
  • Strengthening analytical and technical competencies
  • Further elevating account development opportunities
  • Enhancing organizational capabilities to support growing product lines
To manage this transformation, we have created Centers of Excellence (COE) in the following three segments:
  • Account Management – Strengthen client retention and help clients discover new revenue-optimizing opportunities.
  • Implementation & Adoption – Ensure our clients are configured optimally, achieve value quickly, and adopt RMS solutions throughout their journey.
  • Client Success – Driving client satisfaction and ensuring clients get the most out of the solutions and realize benefits.
Account Management COE – Strengthening client retention
Aligning team members under the IDeaS Account Management (I AM) umbrella fits the goal of ensuring IDeaS existing clients are receiving the product knowledge and support needed to successfully adopt and use the software. The IDeaS Account Management COE will continue to be led by IDeaS’ veteran Mo Khanat, Vice President of Global Account Management overseeing the following roles:
  • Area VP of IDeaS Account Management
  • Area VP of Major Accounts – Jamieson Asselta was promoted to lead a newly defined Account Management Team independent of IDeaS existing regional structures.
  • Industry Consulting
Implementation and Adoption of COE - Ensuring proper configuration, value, and adoption
These teams will focus on delivering a world-class implementation experience by enhancing existing practices with a digital-first mindset, as well as evolving IDeaS' current education offering to promote continual learning and adoption throughout a user’s journey. Leaders in this space will be working to unlock the power of “community” to drive client engagement, promote industry best practices, and set clients up for success. This segment of the COE will be run by Katy Kunst, who was promoted to the new role of Area VP of Implementation and Adoption. She will use her experience in project management and corporate learning to oversee the following roles:
  • Client Project Management
  • Enablement and Engagement/E2
  • Global Client Training
  • SmartSpace Implementation
Client Success COE - Client satisfaction and realizing key benefits
This COE is all about aligning the existing client success teams under one organization, ensuring each client fully utilizes IDeaS solutions to grow their commercial performance. This will happen by evolving the competencies of those team members to further increase their analytical and technical skills. Additionally, they will further our efforts to move IDeaS to a digital-first approach in support. The Client Success COE will be led by experienced revenue management operations and systems leader, Craig Eister in the new role of Area VP of Client Success. Eister will oversee the following roles:
  • Enterprise Client Relationship Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Client Success Enablement Team
  • Client Success Analyst (new position)

IDeaS, a SAS company, is a world leading provider of revenue management software and services. With 30 years of expertise, IDeaS drives better revenue for more than 10,000 clients in 124 countries. Combining industry knowledge with innovative, data-analytics technology, IDeaS creates sophisticated yet simple ways to empower revenue leaders with precise, automated decisions they can trust. Results delivered. Revenue transformed. Discover greater profitability at ideas.com.

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