Indra Travel Management Suite Implemented at NH Hotel Group Properties

  • Indra
  • 02.25.14
NH Hotel group is migrating all key systems to the Indra Travel Management Suite — TMS Platform.

Using Indra’s SAP-based ERP, NH Hotel Group will now operate with an integrated approach to hotel chain management and blend all back-office, front-office and CRS needs on a single technology platform. 

NH Hotel Group, with close to 400 hotels in 28 countries across Europe, the Americas and Africa, is migrating all key systems. This includes transitioning all its core front office solutions, including PMS, CRS, loyalty, business intelligence, sales and catering, spa, website and CRM. In addition, all back-office administrative systems will be converted to Indra’s TMS for ERP solution based on SAP ERP, covering finance, sales, management control, procurement, asset management, invoicing and HR modules.

"Our vision is that whenever anyone contemplates a trip to a city for an overnight stay or meeting, for business or pleasure, they will always ask themselves, is there an NH at my destination?" said Federico Gonzalez Tejera, CEO of NH Hotel Group. "To do this, we have to make sure we deliver on the customer experience. For this reason, we are overhauling and investing in our future with leading technology that will give for example, everyone across the organization access to the same information about our guests, such as special requests, historical feedback and more. Through this new set-up, I know we will deliver even more sustainable, consistent and efficient hotel services for our customers.”

The brand-wide roll out began January 2014 in Spain and will extend to more than 20 countries in Europe and America. In the same timeframe, Indra will develop and launch NH's new website to make it a key marketing and business generation tool. The new TMSforWeb web platform, based on SDL Tridion CMS, will be optimized to improve the experience of returning hotel guests and to attract new ones. A new loyalty program, NH Hotel Group Rewards, also is being launched in cooperation with Indra, designed to bring the brand closer to its guests and surprise them during each stay with exclusive services and personalized offers. NH Hotel Group Rewards will be powered by the TMS Loyalty module.

Alu Rodriguez, NH Hotel Group CIO, said she believes the way to honor the company's commitment to personalized service is to minimize the number of different systems across all NH hotels and replace them with seamless, uniform technology.

"This is where Indra comes in," said Rodriguez. "Not only will the TMS suite pave the way to higher levels of guest service and more efficient operations, but it will enable us to access much more accurate guest information from any property, any department, anywhere in the world and in real time from a single database. The marketing potential is huge when you have such a complete and accurate database. Streamlining technology is a step forward in maximizing efficiency across our organization and tightening our bottom line. We are impressed with the successes other businesses have had with SAP, and we are eager to get started with Indra and begin maximizing results."

Indra is one of the leading Spanish consulting and technology multinationals and one of the top companies in Europe and Latin America. SAP is one of the top ranked ERP business platforms with 25.5 percent worldwide market share. Indra’s TMS solutions support all the business needs of a hotel chain or management company in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Each module of the TMS suite is also available separately, and hoteliers can take advantage of Indra’s unparalleled interface capabilities to integrate these powerful applications with their existing systems from other vendors.

Indra is a member of the exclusive club of SAP® Global Partners, composed of approximately 30 multinational providers delivering consulting services for SAP solutions. Indra's SAP expertise,  extensive relationship with SAP partners, swift time to market are just part of the reason that NH Hotels decided to move to an all-in-one, fully integrated enterprise solution. The system's flexibility, along with its multinational/multilingual/currency conversion capabilities also spoke volumes.

"NH Hotel Group is in the midst of an amazing global transformation, and we are proud to provide the technology that will help drive, support and enable that change" said Xavier Trias, managing director of travel and hospitality for Indra. "This brand is not only raising the bar on service, but they are catapulting the guest experience to a new level. Migrating to a single technology platform will enable NH Hotel Group to deliver a much more personalized experience and service, while at the same time minimizing costs, maximizing efficiency and empowering management for maximum effectiveness in their day to day operations.” 

"We are honored to add NH Hotel Group to our global portfolio of hotel customers," said Connie Rheams, senior vice president of Indra. "When such a large, prestigious global chain recognizes the operations and financial benefits of using one technology platform across its vast enterprise, we believe it will trigger other hoteliers to review their technology investments and strategies. Indra is equipping NH Hotel Group with the most advanced technology available to deliver real-time, know-me experiences. NH will be in a strong position to deliver upon its guests' expectations 100 percent of the time. Real-time segmentation, dynamic offers, personalization are not buzz words, they are a reality with Indra TMS platform." 

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