InnLink Central Reservation Services Collaborates with Infor

  • InnLink
  • 07.22.14
InnLink Central Reservation Services has announced the availability of a two-way interface with Infor to offer hoteliers a better option for systems integration.

InnLink CRS and Infor’s most prevalent North American property management systems, Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) and Epitome, now offer two-way capabilities for maintaining real-time rates, availability and inventory, which is designed to enable properties to distribute full inventory to the global distributions systems (GDS) and online travel agencies (OTA) without overbooking. 

Through this integration, Infor’s property management systems will automatically send rate and availability updates directly to the InnLink CRS.  When changes made in the PMS are sent to the TravLynx CRS, the InnLink technology platform, the information is then distributed to the GDS for travel agents and OTAs, such as Expedia and Orbitz, website booking engines and voice reservation service agents. Now, hotels are able to maintain rates and inventory through the PMS and can easily manage rates and availability in various channels connected to InnLink CRS. When any channel makes a reservation, the reservation is delivered from the CRS back to the PMS, providing the details of the transaction and updating inventory in the PMS.

“Working with these two leading companies was beneficial to Malana Hotels and Suites in developing our brand. Their expertise and cooperation was very important to establishing the operations for Malana as an upper mid-scale focused service brand that can compete effectively from opening day,” said Bob Zachariah, founder, president and CEO of HotelWorks Development. “The complete solution makes managing our reservations simpler and more efficient by establishing one easy-to-learn system where we train employees to manage all reservations. When the first hotel opens in June, we’re ready to focus on our guests.”

By being able to centrally manage reservations, hotel staff is able to focus on more job-critical tasks, guests are able to use multiple platforms to book rooms which streamlines the guest experience  and there is ease of rate parity management across multiple channels.

“InnLink is pleased to have worked with Infor to complete the interface development,” said Richard Corso, chief executive officer of InnLink Central Reservation Services. “Through this development, we’ve been able to successfully work with Malana Hotels and Suites to achieve more favorable reservation revenue and revenue available per room right from their initial opening across all their distribution channels from one central interface.  InnLink further supports Malana with distribution including GDS, OTA, booking engines and voice reservations, ultimately simplifying the distribution process.”

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