Intelity Mobile Messaging System Free to Qualified Hotels

  • Intelity
  • 09.19.17
Intelity announced a new Unified Messaging Portal, “Mercury: Messaging,” to enable guests to place requests with hotel staff via the messaging channel of their choice, whether it be SMS text or social media.

“Mercury: Messaging” is being offered at zero cost for the SMS-only version to qualifying hospitality organizations or upgrade to the full version to include Facebook messaging.

“If you have a mobile device, then you likely have a messaging app on it,” said Gregg Hopkins, chief sales and marketing officer at Intelity. “Messaging apps have completely changed the way that people communicate, and they’ve become ubiquitous in today's world, especially in the travel industry. For hoteliers, a messaging platform will enable guests to access information and basic service offerings quickly and seamlessly. With more and more hotels looking for ways to create personalized experiences for guests, messaging apps are a desired channel for driving two-way communications."

“Whether the guest is at home, in route to the hotel, or lounging poolside, they will have the messaging tools they need to make requests instantly and efficiently,” Hopkins said. “Better yet, any company wanting to offer this two-way SMS messaging service to their customers can do so by white-labeling the Mercury technology from Intelity.”

Consider these statistics:
● Messaging apps are now 20 percent bigger than social networks. (Business Insider Intelligence)
● Studies have found that 36 percent of consumers using messaging apps are using two or more of them on their phones. The majority (64 percent) of consumers use at least one messaging app. (Media Kix)
● Texting is the most widely used and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97 percent of Americans using it at least once a day. (Pew Internet)
● Over 80 percent of adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity. (Pew Internet)
● Text messages have a 98 percent open rate; email has only a 20 percent open rate. (Mobile Marketing Watch)
● Text messaging has a 45 percent response rate, while email only has a 6 percent response rate. (Velocify)
● Texting takes up 14.1 percent of cell phone users’ time. (Nielsen)
● 90 percent of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes. (Connect Mogul)
● 80 percent of people are currently using texting for business. (eWeek)
● One in five consumers is just as likely to prefer a text message from a business to a phone call. (ICMI)
“Messaging is becoming a big game changer for the hotels,” Hopkins said. “Most of the major chains have already begun implementing messaging into their branded apps. While apps are proving to be personalized, adaptive, and responsive, they are also expensive to develop and implement. Intelity created Mercury to collect data from guests (namely buying behaviors and preferences), so hotels could drive target marketing and leverage upsell opportunities.”

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