Knowcross Solutions Introduces TRITON Checklist

  • Knowcross
  • 06.17.13
Knowcross Solutions has launched the TRITON Checklist, the smartphone version of checklists and a new module to the TRITON suite of applications.

Knowcross Solutions introduces the smartphone version of checklists - TRITON Checklist

Knowcross Solutions has launched TRITON Checklist, a powerful new module to the TRITON suite of applications.

TRITON Checklist is a mobile application that allows hoteliers to conduct all inspections from a smartphone and automatically email completed inspections to the management. Using this app, hoteliers can save time, paper and ensure adherence to brand standards.

Inspections are essential to maintain quality of service in a hotel. Moving away from traditional paper based checklists, where hundreds of paper was printed and recorded every day, TRITON checklist puts this process on the manager’s phone.

Different checklists like MOD inspections, F&B checks, routine maintenance audits and the like can be set up in a matter of minutes. These checklist fields can be user-defined and the scoring option can be selected from pass/fail or rating scale.

Hoteliers have these checklists available all the time on their smartphones or tablets and can conduct inspections any time. All inspection items are stamped with time and location (uses GPS to track this). The offline mode feature enables them to carry out inspections even in poor network coverage areas. A rich set of data, like comments and photos, can also be attached to every inspection items for reference.

TRITON Checklist has the ability to be integrated with TRITON’s Rapid Response system. This helps managers to trigger jobs from the Checklist application when they find something out of place and want it rectified immediately.

All completed inspections can be set to be automatically emailed out to group of pre-designated recipients.  Inspection reports are stored for future reference and can be analyzed using powerful reporting tools. This application is multi-lingual and is available at iTunes and would soon be available at Google play for androids.
‘Inspect what you Expect’, using TRITON Checklist.

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