Knowcross Solutions Launched TRITON HK to Revolutionize Houskeeping Operations

  • Knowcross
  • 04.08.13
Knowcross Solutions announced the launch of its TRITON HK application which provides automation of daily housekeeping activities to increase productivity and reduce housekeeping costs

TRITON HK application is set to revolutionize Housekeeping Operations
Knowcross Solutions has launched one of its kind product, TRITON HK, which automates daily housekeeping activities, resulting in dramatic increase in productivity and large savings in housekeeping costs.

Last year, a group of TRITON users had come together with the product team of Knowcross Solutions to address the operational challenges they faced everyday in the housekeeping department. The clients talked about the communication gaps that resulted in room status discrepancies and outdated information on attendants’ task sheets. They discussed how housekeeping coordinators had difficulty in tracking the attendants and supervisors didn’t know which rooms were ready for inspection. The staff in front office, housekeeping desk and on the floors had to make hundreds of phone calls to coordinate their work.

The result of this group’s efforts is TRITON HK. This easy-to-use software automates and simplifies a number of time consuming housekeeping tasks like setting the room cleaning sequence, providing attendants with guest preference information, updating the rooms status in the PMS and so on. The software reduces paper consumption and virtually eliminates hundreds of phone calls between the housekeeping desk, floor staff and front office.

TRITON HK helps hotels go green and increase their profitability. The system enables hotels to set up and manage environmentally friendly cleaning programs as standard or based on guest preferences. The result is big savings in laundry costs.

TRITON HK has three user interfaces- a web interface for desk coordinator and a mobile app for attendants and supervisors. The mobile app is available for Apple™ iOS on the Apple™ App Store and for Android devices on Google Play.

On the launch of this product, Paritosh Kumar, V.P- Global Sales said, “Any hotel with more than 50 housekeeping attendants will increase its profitability by using TRITON HK application.”

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