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Koridor Announces New Hotel Room Self-Selection Platform: MyRoom

  • Koridor
  • 06.15.18
Koridor, a hospitality technology company pioneering the next generation of guest personalization, announced the launch of the MyRoom platform.

A first of its kind software solution, MyRoom enables hotels to market rooms more effectively and curate features using dynamic content and analytics, while empowering guests to self-select their room, upgrade or choose features that best suit their preferences. Koridor will debut the MyRoom technology while attending HITEC Houston, one of the world's largest and oldest hospitality technology expositions and conferences June 18-21.
“For many years the hotel industry lagged other elements of the travel experience when it comes to offering a mechanism to select a specific unit of inventory. With the MyRoom platform, the Hotel industry finally leads the travel industry by offering guests an immersive, engaging experience that enables a much higher degree of personalization,” said Koridor CEO Larry Hall. “The Koridor team has a very deep understanding of the hotel industry and we found a way to leverage the unique attributes of hotels and hotel operations and deliver a platform that benefits the guest and the hotel.”     
Creating Immersive Guest Experiences
Koridor applies consumer behavior principles, innovative merchandising techniques and personalization to the mundane process of room assignment, transitioning the task from the front desk to the guest during the post-reservation, pre-arrival engagement cycle. The MyRoom platform invites guests to view and select available rooms and upgrade options based on desired attributes and personal preferences. It presents floor plans, room-specific imagery, room features, available upgrades and window views through a combination of augmented reality, 3D imagery and virtual tours, engaging the guest in an immersive experience while transforming room self-selection and personalization into an integral part of the guest journey.
Koridor Advisor Helen Chun, PhD, associate professor of services marketing at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, believes this personalization is critical to a hotel’s long-term success. “Contrary to popular belief, an experience itself does not make a great guest experience. The pleasure of that experience goes well beyond the boundaries of the stay… anticipation, or the act of savoring a future experience, actually increases the pleasure of the experience,” said Chun.
Enhancing Satisfaction, Boosting Loyalty, Driving Revenue
MyRoom offers hotels the ability to better merchandise their rooms and the full range of available amenities and features through rich, dynamic content that lets guests virtually experience and self-select a key component of their future stay, their ideal room. To create these experiences, Koridor works closely with hotel clients, managing the entire process of capturing digital assets and swiftly configuring the platform to best highlight the attributes of each property.
Analytics are a fundamental component of the MyRoom offering. The platform uses data to closely track consumer behavior, patterns and preferences, generating information that properties can use to fine-tune their merchandising and personalization approach to create highly tailored experiences and drive revenue.
With MyRoom, hotels have the opportunity to create emotional connections with guests even before they arrive on-site — taking control of a previously missed opportunity to enhance the guest experience while increasing loyalty, satisfaction and incremental revenue.

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