Maestro PMS Guest Experience Measurement Implemented by Rodd Hotels & Resorts

  • Maestro PMS
  • 05.28.14
Rodd Hotels & Resorts uses the latest NORTHWIND-Maestro Guest Experience Measurement (GEM) technology to strengthen guest relationships and increase revenue.

GEM enables properties to easily communicate with guests to collect, analyze and quickly respond to their feedback. Rodd’s marketing team uses GEM to create branded guest-stay surveys customized for each property.

All of Rodd’s properties are automated on NORTHWIND’s Maestro Multi-Property Management system that utilizes one centralized database. NORTHWIND provides its Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software and reservation software solutions for the industry’s leading independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups.
GEM interfaces seamlessly and automatically with the Maestro PMS at its properties. GEM automatically emails every departed guest a thank you note with an invitation and link to a brief branded satisfaction survey. Questions address each property’s unique venues, such as spas and restaurants.

GEM functionality goes well beyond a digital comment card. It is a comprehensive online guest sentiment research tool that informs solid business decisions by collecting and recording guest feedback in a single-image database for customized analysis. GEM creates statistical performance scores for all key areas of guest experience and Rodd’s property performance to identify actionable trends that impact business.
“We use Maestro GEM to engage guests and continuously monitor and increase satisfaction year after year,” said Mike Robertson, marketing manager for Rodd Hotels & Resorts. “The system gives us the guest perspective on our staffing, accommodations, and activities at all our properties. GEM is more actionable and cost effective than comment cards. Plus, its reports show exactly what guests prefer so we can expand those services to increase value and revenue.”

"If there were problems with a guest’s stay, GEM lets us respond in real time,” Robertson said. “A comment from a dissatisfied guest is automatically flagged and immediately emailed to the appropriate property’s general manager. We have a 24-hour response policy. Guests value our attention to their issues and we can correct problems before they escalate.”
Each guest’s GEM sentiment input is recorded in Rodd’s Maestro PMS guest history so reservation and desk staff see all previous responses and ratings at check-in for more personalized services. GEM gives guests a direct and trusted outlet to offer insights about their stay so they do not feel they need to turn to TripAdvisor.

GEM also supports Rodd’s environmental policies. “Our guest comment tracking is paperless and efficient,” Robertson said. “Hard copy comment cards were labor intensive and took time to mail and process. GEM analyzes property performance and guest satisfaction with standardized criteria. It creates property comparison reports and monthly or yearly trend analysis to help raise our service standards.”

Rodd also links GEM results to its Everystay Rewards loyalty program in the Maestro PMS to provide a 360-degree view of each guest’s stay for better service. “Loyal guests are our most valuable asset,” Robertson said. “What guests tell us is the basis of our company’s business decisions. GEM lets us hear their voices more clearly.”

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