NAVIS Helps The Greenbrier Increase Reservation Revenue by 100 Percent

  • 11.19.13
The award-winning Greenbrier, one of America’s first resorts that opened its doors in 1778, has implemented a reservation sales system from NAVIS to improve conversions and revenue.

“We have a very select guest mix that takes their visit to The Greenbrier seriously. Most guests stay several days to enjoy our wide choice of activities,” said Nancy L. Tuckwiller, The Greenbrier’s director of reservations. “Eighty percent of our reservations come through our voice call center. This time last year we took 2,500 calls in one week. During the most recent week we took 4,000. That is a 60 percent call increase, and we are converting more calls than before.” Tuckwiller oversees a team of 25 call center agents that increased The Greenbrier’s reservation revenue by 100 percent in the past year.

“When our new owner, Mr. Jim Justice, acquired our property from the CSX Corporation in 2009, the staff made a commitment to make it successful,” said Tuckwiller. “As part of that goal, we implemented a reservation sales system from NAVIS to improve conversions and revenue, and track the ROI on our marketing campaigns. With NAVIS’ help we increased reservation revenue 100 percent, boosted our ADR, and produced a million dollars in outbound call revenue.”

NAVIS assigns a unique toll-free number to each marketing campaign. When people call the reservation office on a campaign’s number, the system tracks the campaign’s success. “With reservations and revenue accurately assigned to each campaign, we know which marketing programs to continue and which to end,” Tuckwiller said. “This lets us create more profitable marketing strategies that boost revenue.”

When calls reach the reservation office, a NAVIS screen on each agent’s desk displays which campaign stimulated the inquiry. The system also shows the caller’s phone number and demographic profile. Repeat callers trigger the system to display who the caller spoke with and when, and all Greenbrier past-stay information.
“Our agents relate personally and professionally to callers and have higher conversions because they know what the caller is inquiring about before they answer the phone,” said Tuckwiller. “The system directs inbound calls to the agent who last spoke with the caller, if that agent is available. Our entire conversion process is fast and efficient.” If the call is for information about a future date, The Greenbrier’s staff sets a call-back reminder in the system.

The Greenbrier also launched an outbound call follow-up program that improved service and revenue. “Callers want to talk to an agent. When the lines are busy, we give callers the option to leave a message, but they may simply hang up to call back later,” Tuckwiller said. “NAVIS’ system monitors inbound calls and provides valuable caller source information that includes the caller’s number. Every 30 minutes we proactively return calls to the people who did not leave messages. Last year our outbound call program generated one million dollars in new revenue. And our guests value the personal attention when we call them back.”

The reservation system tracks agent performance and routes more calls to the best agents. “Turn and burn agents take lots of calls, but may not convert as many,” said Tuckwiller. “NAVIS sends calls to the top agents, which increases conversions and revenue.”

Tuckwiller said The Greenbrier is on a month-to-month contract with NAVIS. “The system continues to make a huge difference in our revenue," she said. "There is no risk and NAVIS’ client advocates are on calls with us every week to help.” 

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