New Logo and Brand Identity for the Asian American Hotel Owners Association

  • Asian American Hotel Owners Association
  • 01.13.14
For the first time since 1989, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) has introduced a new logo.

This logo will become the basis for an updated visual identity that will be phased in during the coming months on all print and electronic materials.

“Our new outside look reflects the changes and the progress we have made on the inside of our association,” said Mehul Patel, AAHOA chairman.  “Those changes have included expanding our staff, revising our organizational structure and enhancing our services. There’s no more appropriate time than now, as we begin our 25th anniversary year, to refresh our logo so it properly portrays AAHOA as an organization that is modern, forward-thinking and positioned to confidently lead its members and its industry into the future.”

The new logo reinforces the name by which the association is commonly known, AAHOA, while prominently featuring the letter h to represent hotels and the letter o to represent owners.  A curve runs through all the letters to convey unity and progress.

“It’s a logo that is contemporary and has energy, just like AAHOA,” said Pratik Patel, AAHOA vice chairman. 

During the past two years, AAHOA has conducted a thorough review of its branding.  The process was a collaborative initiative that involved the association’s board of directors, its ambassadors and its past chairmen. 

In addition, ideas were solicited though the internet.  For example, with an outside graphic agency serving as facilitator, AAHOA used crowdsourcing to generate more than 3,000 potential logo options.

“We soon came to consensus on a logo that captures AAHOA’s unique spirit and success in an eye-catching and memorable style,” said Pratik Patel.  “It instantly and powerfully identifies us as hotel owners who are the voice of hospitality.”

“Our logo is our main visual identity, it is a small ad for what we are, what we do and what we stand for," said Fred Schwartz, AAHOA president. "We are extremely proud and respectful of the logo that has served us well since our start in 1989, but we now look forward to a new logo representing AAHOA proudly, enthusiastically and effectively. This new logo is dramatic in meaning as well as in impact, and while we will feature a new look, we remain committed to the four core principles that are the mission of AAHOA- advocacy, professional development, community involvement and member services.”

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