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New Nonius Customer Portal: Ticket Tracking and Feedback

  • Nonius
  • 02.17.23
In a continuous effort to improve our customer service department and invest in tech support tools, Nonius is proud to announce the launch of our Customer Portal. 

The web-based interface allows clients to create, access and manage their support requests, view the status of their tickets and communicate with the support team. 

The portal provides real-time status increasing even further the transparency of our service times, allowing us to offer greater support efficiency and team collaboration.

Create a ticket

You can call use or email like in the past, but you can also now use your portal for creating tickets.

Easily create a ticket on the client portal where you can have one or several hotels associated with your account. In the ticket submission page, insert information such as the subject, product related to the issue and priority. If needed, you can also attach a file to the ticket. After completing the online form, a support agent will contact you as soon as possible.

Provide feedback along the way

Throughout the process of ticket resolution, make sure to rate and comment on the assistance of our support team. Real-time ratings make up our Customer Happiness index, which allows us to follow up on bad reviews with the purpose to keep improving our service.

View your tickets status

Have access in real-time to the status of the tickets you have opened, resolution times, whom they are assigned to.

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