Palace Resorts Automates Linen and Laundry Operations with InvoTech

  • InvoTech Systems, Inc.
  • 03.31.14
Cancun resort chain, Palace Resorts, has installed the InvoTech Systems, Inc. Multi-Property RFID Linen and Laundry Systems for automated linen and laundry control and cost reduction.

Palace Resorts implemented the InvoTech Linen System at all of its resort properties and installed InvoTech’s Laundry System at the Palace Resorts laundry distribution center. The InvoTech Systems provide Palace Resorts with complete control over linen inventories and establishes more efficient operations.

InvoTech provides Palace Resorts with both Spanish and English language operating systems so that each user can specify his or her preferred language for ease of use. InvoTech also supplied on-site system training and reference guides in both Spanish and English.
“The InvoTech Systems provide our linen and laundry operations with better control and much greater efficiency," said Lorena Zahoul, corporate operations director of Palace Resorts. "Palace Resorts installed InvoTech to consolidate all laundry processing and centralize inventory, to increase staff productivity. The systems' multi-property functionality better manages inventory levels and laundry activity for all of the resorts from one system. InvoTech allows us to track and control what each resort ships to, and receives back from, the laundry distribution center, for more accurate inventories.”

InvoTech installed UHF-RFID Linen Reading Stations at each Palace Resort for real-time tracking and processing of entire laundry carts of soiled linens going to the Palace Resorts laundry distribution center. The UHF-RFID Reading Stations also process pallets of bundled clean linens returned by the laundry. The pallets carry as many as 3,000 linen items.

Palace Resort’s laundry distribution center, uses the InvoTech Laundry System to keep each resort’s linens separate while at the same time, monitoring quality control and automates recordkeeping for all laundry activity and expenses for each property. InvoTech automatically tracks linen movement between each resort and the laundry center to eliminate losses and to ensure that the linen is delivered to the correct resort. Palace Resorts uses UHF-RFID portable handheld readers with InvoTech Mobile Software to automate the monthly physical inventory of linens at each property.

Palace Resorts has approximately 500,000 linens tagged with Fujitsu UHF-RFID laundry tags provided by InvoTech. InvoTech’s UHF-RFID reading stations are powered by Impinj Speedway Revolution Readers. InvoTech also supplied Palace Resorts with Motorola MC9190-Z UHF-RFID portable handheld readers utilizing InvoTech Mobile Software.

“InvoTech’s Linen System provides Palace Resorts with a perpetual linen inventory for each property," said Jeff Welles, president of InvoTech. "It also monitors the aging of each linen item based on usage for quality control and to forecast linen purchases. The InvoTech Laundry System established total control at the Palace Resorts laundry distribution center, and ensures that linens are shipped to the correct resort properties. Automatic tracking and recordkeeping enable the system to accurately report and identify missing linens and pinpoint discrepancies between outgoing and incoming laundry items."

Palace Resorts also uses InvoTech’s Multi-Property Uniform System to track and manage employee uniforms. The system maintains employee uniform assignments, establishes accountability and reduces loss. InvoTech’s advanced automation enables Palace Resorts to transfer uniforms between properties, which has significantly reduced uniform purchases since the system's installation in 2008. 

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