RoamingAround Announces the Release of Mobile Engagement

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 08.20.13
RoamingAround, a company specializing in mobile marketing for the hospitality industry, has released Mobile Engagement to assist hotels in sending mobile offers, establishing brand differentiation and to increase loyalty and revenue.

RoamingAround Releases 'Mobile Engagement'

Gone are the days when hotels can take a shotgun approach to marketing and be effective. The name of the game today is "Mobile Engagement," and it's an exciting new service recently released by hospitality mobile expert RoamingAround. Mobile Engagement is the result of building one-on-one relationships between hoteliers and guests by offering mobile experiences that drive desired behaviors. With 27 custom Mobile Engagement technologies in its mobile toolkit, RoamingAround can assists hotels in creating and sending targeted, relevant and timely  mobile offers to their guests. to establish brand differentiation, build loyalty and increase revenues.

"A high roller at a casino may be offended to receive a discount meal voucher, but elevating his or her status through a room upgrade is sure to impress and help build loyalty," said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround president and CEO. "That same discount meal voucher, however, would mean a great deal (quite literally) to a family of four running in the door with their arms full of luggage and toys. Using Mobile Engagement, hotel staff will push to guests' personal mobile devices specific offers that will motivate them to become viral advocates for the hotel or brand. These custom offers are the incentives that spur guests to spend money at the property and the catalyst that motivates them to come back time and again. 

"RoamingAround's Mobile Engagement toolkit will not only help hotels learn about each customer on a personal level, but our team will go the extra mile and assist with developing a mobile strategy that includes single and multi-redemption offers, up-selling outlets and room upgrades, increase group  revenue with Mobile Photo Share, plus do it all in more than 200 languages and deliver it instantly to any mobile device," he said. "RoamingAround will do whatever it takes to get your  guests  enrolled in your mobile strategy. The key to Mobile Engagement is getting a guest to enroll and opt in. It starts with your current guest database in the PMS, your loyalty system and your group database. All hotels have a wealth of information and emails that can be used today to invite your guests to enroll in your mobile strategy. We will make sure there are multiple avenues to enroll including your website, email confirmations, front desk, digital lobby signage and in room displays.

If you want travelers to give you their mobile numbers and preferences, you need to give them something of value in return. RoamingAround will work with hotels to create incentives that consumers simply can't refuse. The amount of information a person is willing to part with is dependent on how attractive the offer is. Once the guest has opted in, then, and only then, can Mobile Engagement begin."

As part of its Mobile Engagement service, RoamingAround will work with hotels to build an opt-in database for mobile communications. For example, if a hotel has an existing marketing campaign that includes billboards, radio, and TV, RoamingAround will attach QR codes to the program to give the viewer a reason to act. Using a call-to-action incentive, such as "Sign up for our mobile offers and receive one night free as our gift" will motivate consumers to engage. If the hotel also has a eMarketing program consisting of banner ads, blogs and their own website to promote the property, RoamingAround will assign widgets to these locations encouraging viewers to "click here" for a special offer. When they click, they are transported to a landing page that asks for further details, such as their name and mobile number. If the offer is impressive enough, the consumer will engage.

"No matter what the touch points are that a hotel is using to engage its customers, we have a technology that can attach to it that will motivate the customer to opt in and be a part of the experience or offer," said Sarah Smith, RoamingAround vice president of sales and marketing. "The biggest variable is the perceived value of the offer. Industries outside of hospitality are already experiencing record-breaking returns on their investment in Mobile Engagement by as much as 500% or more. Off Broadway, for example, has reported increasing its opt-in database from zero to more than 900,000 subscribers in only seven months. That's quite impressive.

"Hotel companies that are investing heavily in a mobile strategy but aren't getting the opt-in rates they expected can greatly benefit from this Mobile Engagement service," Smith said. "Just having a mobile app isn't enough. There needs to be a reason for the guest to engage with the hotel and download that app to experience all that the hotel has to offer. Mobile Engagement through RoamingAround is the missing piece to mobile marketing puzzle that hotels have been searching for."

RoamingAround also will work with hotels to set-up an automated marketing engine on the back end to enable the hotel to continually re-engage with guests via new campaigns. For example, if the hotel learns that Mr. and Mrs. Smith celebrate their anniversary on August 21, the system will automatically send out a message reading: "We enjoyed having you as our guest for your anniversary in the past, and we know the big event is coming up in August. We would be honored if you would be our guest once again, and to reward you for your loyalty, we will upgrade you to the Honeymoon Suite. Click here to make your reservation."

"Understanding guests' preferences is far more important that just tracking their history," Smith said. "Every brand has about 100 data points on a guest; the top 15 are imperative for mobile campaigns. It will be near impossible to get a guest to provide you with the information you need to fill those 15 data points upfront, so RoamingAround works with hotels to build a pre-scheduled query offer over time that motivates travelers to provide information in 'drips.' If they respond to a query today with their name and mobile data, they will receive a reward in exchange. In a few weeks or even a few months, a second questionnaire can be sent requesting their date of birth and the hotel will send them a birthday treat as a thank you, etc. The RoamingAround Mobile Engagement technology has the intelligence to recognize information it already has and identify what it still needs to capture to build the best guest profile and Mobile Engagement campaign." 

Hotels looking to build a better relationship with their guests to fortify their mobile strategies can do so easily and more effectively if they practice Mobile Engagement. RoamingAround will gather profile/preference information from all consumer touch points, leverage mobility to spur customers to action and make adjustments in real time, then track and measure all actions for tangible results in ROI and predictive analysis.

For more information on Mobile Engagement via RoamingAround, contact Sarah Smith at (978) 777-8787, Ext. 303, or email

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