RoamingAround Opens the Door to Geolocation with the Unveiling of RapidApp

  • RoamingAround, LLC
  • 11.17.15
RoamingAround has released RapidApp, a tool that will convert mobile and fully responsive websites into apps so that clients can easily adopt the RoamAbout platform – the company’s new location based marketing platform.

RapidApp will eliminate the cost for businesses to develop their own mobile app. More importantly, it opens the doorway to location based services, which are supported by the company’s developments with GPS, BLE beacons and other technologies.

“A lot of hotels and other organizations are looking at beacon technology and location based solutions this year,” said Michael Garvin, RoamingAround founder and CEO. “There have been some advancements in the field, but few have captured the features and functionality of RoamAbout.”
RapidApp offers any enterprise a tailored way to explore the field of location based marketing. Garvin found that with high interest in any technology breakthrough, the best way to increase possibilities is to find new partnerships.

“We’re encouraging hotels and other brands to start the conversation – talk to us, and we can find a program that works for you,” he said. “This exciting phase of growth in geomarketing will give us a rare chance to create something together and stimulate real results that will get businesses in the game of geolocation.”

RoamingAround’s chief location officer, Michael Gambino, said that any business with a mobile optimized website can use RapidApp – therefore gaining access to the RoamAbout platform. “We are inventing new ways to use location based services by combining a number of technologies to provide a location when the user requests it,” said Gambino. “The possibilities with RapidApp and the RoamAbout platform are endless: personalized customer engagement, unbudgeted revenue opportunities, staff notifications which offer a new twist on retail deals, and more.

“We are putting forth the message that we want to work together towards great things,” he said. “Try us out, see what this stuff can do. With the right marketing efforts this technology is unstoppable – I can’t wait to explore the ways we can continue to implement this in 2016.”

While the RoamAbout Software Development Kit (SDK) will seamlessly integrate with an existing app, RapidApp will provide the same fluid transition for any business with a mobile or fully optimized website. Once the technology is in place, the RoamAbout profile manager accepts the preferences of unique mobile users. Beacons are placed discreetly throughout determined areas on a property and organized into carefully pre-determined zones so that user location and activity can be managed.

The RoamAbout profile manager is the back-end technology; the intelligence that gives real value to the information gathered through the app’s location based services. The software has the unique ability to learn user preferences based on actions and location to provide more personalized mobile engagement. With this knowledge, companies are able to give their guests more of what they want – exactly when they want it.

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