South American Channels Integrate with eRevMax

  • eRevMax
  • 09.25.14
eRevMax is now offering interfaces with CVC and to offer hotel partners a wide range of options to complement their expansion plans in the Americas.

These new interfaces will allow accommodation providers connected with CVC and to make real-time availability, rate and inventory (ARI) updates and receive bookings generated by these channels directly into their property management system via eRevMax solutions. The integration offers hotels better room package promotion, planning and distribution on these channels. It also allows hotels to have optimal control over their inventory while enabling quick time to market and thereby ensuring lead position and improved brand visibility.

“Our integration with eRevMax will help our hotel partners update rates and inventory in our sales channels in real-time, enabling us to bring the best offers to our customers," said Cristiane Belotti, online product manager at CVC. "This integration will also connect us to eRevMax’s Hotel Ecosystem for improving our global inventory supply."

“This integration is aligned with our commitment to deliver the fastest and most trusted user experience," said Alicia Ribas, operations manager at "This will help our hotel partners to further reduce their time to update rates and availabilities while automating reservation delivery directly into their PMS."

Online travel in South America is expected to grow by approximately 25 percent this year, more than any other region in the world.  This growth will be largely driven by the urban domestic customer. Interfacing with new channel partners offer immense opportunities for accommodation providers to get in front of a larger traveler base through eRevMax’s sophisticated real-time channel management technologies, making sure they quickly publish up-to-the-minute availability, rates and inventory for improved online revenues and booking conversion.

eRevMax Channel Ecosystem facilitates high quality, certified connectivity and channel management services to support complex revenue generation strategies. Hotels using the RateTiger channel management product suite and Connect enterprise platform can update a range of rates and availabilities across numerous channels in one step, making them immediately available to customers.

“South America is a growth region for us, and offers tremendous potential with top brands like Brazil Hospitality Group, Harbor, and Bourbon Hotels all using eRevMax state of the art solutions for managing online distribution," said Greg Berman, chief operation officer for eRevMax International. "Our integration with top channels in South America will result in more efficient rate distribution, enhanced rate optimization and the streamlining of all connections for our hotel partners and improve our portfolio by offering a diverse range of distributors through the eRevMax Channel Ecosystem.”
eRevMax continues to develop its connectivity solutions to offer sophisticated revenue management functionality to the hospitality industry. The company’s real-time distribution technologies are used by over 20,000 hotel customers worldwide.

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