StayNTouch Rover™ PMS Expands Distribution With SiteMinder Partnership

  • StayNTouch Inc.
  • 12.15.15
StayNTouch Inc. has announced a new two-way connection between Rover™, its cloud-based PMS and PMS Overlay, and SiteMinder’s award-winning The Channel Manager.

StayNTouch Rover’s integration with The Channel Manager allows hotel customers of Rover full access to web booking and their selected online travel agencies (OTAs), thereby streamlining their online distribution process.
StayNTouch Rover™ is linked to The Channel Manager through SiteMinder’s plug-and-play interface for PMSs, pmsXchange, which in addition to SiteMinder’s custom-built integrations has made the company today’s leading facilitator of PMS connections, connecting with more than 100 the world over.
The simple two-way interface means that, through The Channel Manager, a hotel property’s live availability and rates are continuously relayed in real-time from their Rover™ PMS to their various online booking websites. Reservations coming in from those online channels are then automatically sent to Rover™ PMS, also in real-time via The Channel Manager, and online inventory is adjusted accordingly – across all sites and in Rover™.
“We have been very impressed with SiteMinder’s technical capabilities. They have brought tremendous innovation to the distribution space, and that innovation, in turn, brings great value to our hotel customers who for the most part have only known more traditional ways to distribute their inventory, such as using global distribution systems,” said Jos Schaap, CEO and founder of StayNTouch.

“The affordability of SiteMinder’s technology, combined with its ease of use, makes it a simple and smart choice for hotels. Plus, SiteMinder reaches a very wide spectrum of OTAs – more than 250 worldwide – something that is critical to both hotels broadening their reach and to us as we continue to grow our customer base globally.”
SiteMinder’s managing director – the Americas, Fig Cakar, commented, “We are delighted to have StayNTouch as a new partner. Like us, StayNTouch is focused on providing technology that makes hotel businesses easier to manage and more profitable. Our partnership provides another seamless, automated solution for hoteliers who literally do not have the time or the resources to manually manage their reservations. With this solution, they can benefit from lower costs of acquisition, greater staff productivity and greater revenue – all at a very low, flat monthly cost which makes powerful technology such as this accessible to hotels in a way it’s never been before.”

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