Energy Management Solution Company, Telkonet, Inc. Signs Strategic Partnership with Islandaire, a Specialty Air Conditioning Manufacturer

  • Telkonet
  • 05.06.13
Telkonet, Inc. partners with Islandaire to integrate Telkonet's EcoSmart wireless thermostat directly into the PTAC units from Islandaire.

Telkonet, Inc. Signs Strategic Partnership with Islandaire, Country’s Fastest Growing Specialty Air Conditioning Manufacturer

Telkonet, Inc. (OTC BB: TKOI), developer of the EcoSmart energy management solution featuring Recovery Time™ technology, has signed a strategic partnership with Islandaire, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing packaged terminal air conditioner (“PTAC”) manufacturers for the hospitality industry.  The partnership will provide Islandaire with the resources and technology to integrate Telkonet’s revolutionary EcoSmart wireless thermostat and energy management packages directly into the PTAC units for delivery to its customers. 

Telkonet continues to impress us with innovative development and extensive product intelligence,” said Robert Hansen, Islandaire’s chief executive officer.  “Our ability to rapidly integrate such an exceptional product is truly a game-changer and allows us to offer a unique value proposition not currently found with any other product in our industry.”

As the energy efficiency market continues to evolve, property owners search for new ways to decrease energy costs while increasing occupant comfort.  Telkonet’s strategic relationship with Islandaire provides these benefits and many more.  Through Islandaire’s extensive compatibility with most PTAC sizes available and Telkonet's industry-leading EcoSmart technology, Islandaire customers receive fully-integrated solutions to fulfill their energy management needs direct from the OEM’s factory.  The initial “energized” PTAC systems will be available with Telkonet’s EcoWave wireless, programmable thermostat technology or with the EcoInsight, an enhanced energy management thermostat with over 125 settings used to control the efficiency of the in-room HVAC system.     

"We're very excited to be working with a manufacturer as large and innovative as Islandaire.  With many of the same values and penchant for innovation, we look forward to furthering the integration and technology solutions we’re able to offer,” said Jason Tienor, Telkonet’s chief executive officer. “Through offering our customers increased value earlier in their asset life cycle, we’ve created a truly unique opportunity for the marketplace.”

Energy represents the single fastest-growing operating cost in the lodging industry. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found that a ten percent reduction in energy consumption would have the same financial effect as increasing the average daily room rate by $0.62 in a limited-service hotel and by $1.35 in a full-service hotel. Furthermore, reducing energy use across the U.S. hospitality sector by just ten percent would help the industry save over $285 million in energy costs.

Improving hotels’ energy performance reduces operating costs, benefiting the bottom line and leaving more money to invest in further improvements that can lead to enhanced guest satisfaction.  In addition to delivering financial savings, cost reductions through energy efficiency translate into higher asset values for hotel owners.   Telkonet's EcoSmart Suite has rapidly become a leader in the occupancy-based energy management field, and the partnership between Islandaire and Telkonet will deepen relationships with both new-build and retrofit customers. 

Telkonet works extensively within the hospitality, education, military, public housing and healthcare markets to provide energy efficiency, sustainability and commercial demand response capabilities.  In addition to qualifying for most utility-funded incentive and rebate programs, Telkonet works with industry partners to offer customers zero-capital alternatives to implement efficiency measures through on-bill financing programs.  

For more information regarding this revolutionary new product offering, contact EcoSmart Sales at (414) 223-0473 or Islandaire Sales at (800) 886-2759.

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