Updated Venza PEAK® Programs Navigate the Many Changes to PCI Compliance

  • 03.23.15
The Venza Group has updated its PEAK® Compliance and Performance Series to reflect the new changes to PCI DSS Version 3.0.

2014 has been termed “A Year of Mega Breaches” due to highly publicized system hacking scandals at Target, The Home Depot and Sony. 2014 is also the year that the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council issued its much anticipated update to their Data Security Standards (DSS) which address the storage and transmission of credit card information. Officially in effect on Jan. 1, 2015, PCI DSS Version 3.0 contains significant changes from Version 2.0 which dates back to October, 2010. This is significant because businesses that follow Version 2.0’s standards can no longer be considered compliant. In addition, all PCI Compliance 2.0 educational programs and informational materials require an overhaul so that they align to Version 3.0.
In anticipation of the questions and concerns that would naturally surround a substantial change to the vast majority of financial transactions worldwide, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council documented a change summary. That expansive report categorized each individual change into one of three types: clarification, additional guidance and evolving requirement. The intent was to map out the myriad of changes that have occurred in the payment card industry, from transactional technological innovations to contemporary techniques that hackers use today. Unfortunately, the report may result in even greater confusion.

One particular requirement remained unchanged from Version 2.0 to Version 3.0. That is the requirement to educate staff members on the PCI data security standards. Fortunately for organizations around the world that currently subscribe to the Venza PEAK® Compliance and Performance Series, their employees, managers and IT professionals are able to access PCI Compliance learning programs that are up-to-date with Version 3.0. The Venza Group and their content providing partner, the law firm of Arnall Golden Gregory LLP, are the creators of the Venza PEAK® Compliance and Performance Series. PCI Compliance for Hoteliers, designed with hospitality industry professionals in mind, is its flagship program and has undergone a thorough upgrade to be aligned to PCI Version 3.0.

Also, to expand an awareness of data security to all hotel staff, the Venza Group® recently added additional languages such as Spanish and Creole to their arsenal of PCI Compliance training program. “By giving access to modules in additional languages, we have broadened our potential to change behaviors toward data security,” said Sophia Gore, Venza Group’s customer success manager.

“As I’ve mentioned before, our customers have enough stress running hotels and servicing their guests. Now, just as before, hoteliers can shift toward my team the burden of educating their teams on what it means to be PCI Version 3.0 compliant.” said Jeff Venza, president and CEO of the Venza Group. And making updates to all Venza PEAK® programs is an on-going process for the Venza Group®. For example, plans are in place to align the programs to PCI Compliance 3.1 standards, rumored to be released in October 2015.

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