VT Group Announces New Hospitality Division

  • VT Hospitality
  • 07.05.16
VT Group has announced the formation of a dedicated hospitality division which aligns its competencies with the needs of its hospitality customers.

VT Group has a long history of serving federal, commercial, state and local governments with current and future needs in vital areas such as secure electronic communications, infrastructure design, deployment and management. The company has gained a trusted reputation within U.S. military services, intelligence organizations, and a wide range of government civilian agencies. John Cook, president of VT Group Enterprise IT stated, “We see the exact same need for design and implementation of critical IT infrastructure and mobile communications solutions within hospitality as we see in the other industries we serve. Now hotel developers, owners and operators can benefit from the same innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions with a balance of emerging and mature technologies.”

Led by Larry Birnbaum, vice president, hospitality, the new division is part of VT Group Enterprise IT and leverages the resources of the entire VT Group organization. “As technology demands grow in hospitality, the historic weak link has been in-building infrastructure. Seemingly each new technology or service requires expensive infrastructure upgrades," said Birnbaum. "Our design, deployment and management services provide hotels with a vendor agnostic solution using proven methodology similar to AT&T U-Verse, Google Fiber and Verizon FIOS with fiber to the guest room.” 

VT Group’s worldwide presence has been steadily expanding and now stands at nearly 60 countries and over 1,000 employees. Over the past decade, its has completed over $1.4 billion in information technology integration design/build projects; and since 2009, has seen its international work percentage more than double. This increase comprises over $246 million in overseas projects in such diverse places as Cuba, United Arab Emirates Afghanistan, Qatar, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Poland, Africa, Portugal, Greece, Guam, Bahrain, Spain and the United Kingdom. In April 2016, VT Group opened its most recent office in Germany to serve international hospitality customers.

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