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Zoox Smart Data Continues Rapid Global Expansion with New North America Headquarters

  • Zoox
  • 10.15.20
Zoox Smart Data “Zoox” is pleased to announce the expansion of its global operations with the establishment of its North America headquarters in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This move is part of a strategic global growth initiative that will allow Zoox to more effectively address the international hospitality and travel market with its established solution that provides unmatched visibility into guest preferences and behaviors.

Established in 2010, Zoox is an international provider of technological solutions that intelligently build and monetize big data customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks. In addition to its LATAM Headquarters and Development Center in Brazil, the Company currently maintains offices in Argentina, Canada, France, Mexico, Portugal and Spain. Using the Zoox cloud software platform, hotels, retail and transportation organizations can gain access to robust demographic and psychographic guest and passenger analytics, such as name, address, birthdate, gender, income, education, political party, occupation, marital status, net worth, and more. As guests and passengers use their smart devices on Zoox Smart Wi-Fi networks, Zoox Smart Data continues to aggregate information, and the data grows as they move from one Zoox enabled location to another. Thousands of hotspots around the world enrich the user profiles with every new log-in. The result is a comprehensive profile that provides enhanced information on every guest or passenger who opts in.
All hoteliers and travel organizations face the challenge of understanding customers and visitors, with most of them relying on information gleaned from the property management system, ticketing system, customer relationship management solution or marketing automation platform.  However, according to David Tyre, VP Business Development – North America for Zoox, those methods of collecting customer intelligence only scratch the surface.
“Properties that really want to get ahead must leverage their existing Wi-Fi networks to turn big data into smart data. It’s the key to growing your business,” said Tyre. “Organizations that prioritize customer intelligence are in a much stronger position to win customer loyalty and beat the competition. Moreover, companies can monetize their Wi-Fi networks with highly targeted ads. This is money that companies have been missing for years. In the past, Wi-Fi has been little more than a drain on the bottom line. Now it can be used to promote services and generate additional revenues.”
Zoox customers include hotels, resorts, casinos, rail stations and airports located throughout the world.  The company’s latest wins include a large lodging franchisor with more than 4,200 locations across the United States and the New York City Mass Transit Authority’s 272 rail stations.
According to Tyre, smart data is the future of hospitality. “The more you know about your customers, the better you can tap into what’s important to them and personalize their experiences,” he concluded.  “At Zoox, we are lifting the blinders off, so our customers can see guests, visitors, and passengers clearly.  You can’t target your marketing efforts effectively until you have a complete picture.”

Zoox Smart Data, established in 2010, is an international technological solutions provider that intelligently builds and monetizes big data customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks. Through this unique capability, Zoox systematically creates high value, targeted marketing audiences, and behavioral movement data to rapidly monetize this asset and deliver immediate ROI. The Zoox Smart Data Platform provides big data integrations that enrich customer data to create more relevant campaigns and inform critical growth strategies, while the Zoox Media Platform delivers targeted direct and programmatic ad campaigns. This innovative approach has made Zoox a pioneer in applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in various industry segments, such as hospitality, retail, transportation and other markets. Learn more at www.zooxsmart.com.

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