HFTP Announces 2023-2024 Global Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP)

HFTP Announces 2023-2024 Global Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP)

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) has announced its 2023-2024 Global Executive Committee and Board of Directors. With the addition of four new directors and the progression of Executive Committee roles, these leaders represent a multitude of hospitality segments and disciplines including research, operations, clubs and B2B technology.

As its chief governing body, the Global Board of Directors is the cornerstone of HFTP, steering the association through its continued international expansion, ensuring its financial stability and formulating and reviewing key initiatives and programs that support both individual and industry-wide success.

Leading both the HFTP Global Executive Committee and Board of Directors as Global President starting November 1, 2023 is Stephanie Anderson, CHAE, CPA, CGMA, Chief Financial Officer of River Bend Golf & Country Club. Anderson has been a member of HFTP since 2002 and, like most Global Board members, has held multiple advisory leadership positions in the association prior to ascending to the presidency.

“Thank you to the many mentors and supporters who have given advice, a shoulder or an ear along this journey. I would not be here without all of them to encourage me to do so,” says Anderson.

HFTP 2023-2024 Global Executive Committee:

• President: Stephanie Anderson, CHAE, CPA, CGMA – Chief Financial Officer, River Bend Golf & Country Club

• Vice President: Justin Taillon, MBA, Ph.D., CHTP – Professor and Department Head, Highline College

• Treasurer: James Bina, CHAE+, CHTP+ – Treasurer, Rosen Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

• Secretary: Andrew Buwalda, CHAE – General Manager of Finance, IT and Operations, Deerhurst Resort and Muskoka Bay Resort

• Immediate Past President: Neil Foster, CHTP, MBA – Director of Technology, Coast Hotels

• Executive Advisor: Prakash Shukla – Managing Partner, Wayfare VC

• Ex Officio: Frank Wolfe, CAE – Chief Executive Officer, HFTP

HFTP 2023-2024 Global Board of Directors (* denotes new members; view their Annual Convention video greeting on YouTube):

  • Katerina Berezina, Ph.D., CHTP, CRME, CHIA – Associate Professor and Hospitality Management Program Director, The University of Mississippi
  • Kelly Brennan – Director of Employee Benefits, Think Technologies Group
  • Asif Ehsan, EMBA, CHAE – Financial Controller, St. Francis Yacht Club*
  • Jonathon Goodman, CHAE, CPA – Chief Financial Officer, Lost Tree Golf Club
  • Robert Mandelbaum – Research Director, CBRE EA Hotels Research*
  • Shannon McCallum – Vice President of Hotel Operations, Resorts World Las Vegas*
  • Barry Thomas, CHTP – Vice President of Technology – Raffles & Orient Express, Accor
  • Tariq Valani – Global Senior Vice President – Technology, Accor*
  • Fitzroy Walker, MBA, MCIM – Corporate Director – Finance, Sandals Resorts International

For more information on HFTP leadership and leadership opportunities, contact HFTP Staff Vice President Administration & USALI Millicent Athanos at millicent.athanos@hftp.org or +1 (512) 220-6449.

Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) established in 1952, is an international, nonprofit association, headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, with offices in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Dubai and the Netherlands. HFTP is recognized as the spokes group for the finance and technology segments of the hospitality industry with members and stakeholders across the globe. HFTP uniquely understands the industry's pressing issues and assists its stakeholders in finding solutions to their challenges more efficiently than other organizations.

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