VENZA Releases Q1 2024 Product Roadmap Update


VENZA Releases Q1 2024 Product Roadmap Update


VENZA, a leading provider of data protection and regulatory compliance solutions for the hospitality industry, today announced its update to the Product Roadmap, its guiding document for the development of new tools and features. Highlights of the quarter included the new Explore™ remote and onsite security testing program, investments in the localization of products and tools, a significant expansion of Human Resources training content, and more.

“The Product Roadmap reflects our vision and ambition for the coming year and beyond,” said Casey Harrigan, Product Director at VENZA. “We are committed to transparency and building a strong security community collaboratively with input from many stakeholders, which is why we make it public and open for all to see. Each quarter, we provide an update to share our progress, inform our partners, and set expectations for how the roadmap may evolve in future quarters.”

“Q1 was marked by the release of major products like Explore and our HR content that have transformative potential for our clients. But, alongside that, we made many “quality of life adjustments” that, while they may individually feel small, have the potential to significantly improve the functionality and impact of our existing lineup. Together, we’re extremely excited to share this update to our already industry-leading products,” he added.

Highlights of Q1 include:


Explore offers full spectrum simulated social engineering and pen testing attacks to identify, catalog, and report vulnerabilities. Our expert team systematically approaches a hotel's operations and staff interactions to expose weaknesses.

After the assessment, a detailed report outlines and scores the results—giving you an unparalleled foundation for defense.

Explore includes VENZA Phishing™, Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS), and several new products: VENZA Vishing™, VENZA Smishing™, and Onsite Social Engineering Testing.

Syntrio HR Courses

VENZA has partnered with Syntrio, a leader in human resources solutions, to expand its course offerings related to sexual harassment, anti-discrimination (diversity, equity, and inclusion), human trafficking, and workplace safety (OSHA).

Subscribing clients will have access to many Syntrio courses, including those targeted at specific regulations found in individual U.S. states.


VENZA serves a global audience. To make our world-class resources available to all of those around the world, we've invested in many language translations.

Items localized this quarter include material related to Data Breach Coverage, the Policy Template Library, SAQ Questionnaires, and Pathfinder. In addition, the Intermediate and Advanced Learning Paths are now available in Dutch, bringing their total language availability to 10: Arabic, Dutch, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.


VENZA maintains an extensive library of resources for decision-makers and ongoing security awareness culture building.

This quarter, it added a Vishing Guide that addresses social engineering techniques over the phone or by voicemail, and a library of Shorts—quick instructional pieces for supplemental and ongoing security awareness training.

And More

These are just a few of the dozens of updates, enhancements, and new products planned for Vision ’25. For full coverage, check out the full Product Roadmap on the VENZA website.

VENZA is a leading provider of data protection and compliance solutions for the hospitality industry. With 360-degree visibility, VENZA helps establish proactive risk management that mitigates vulnerabilities, keeping your guests and their data safe. Hospitality’s unique nature demands tailored solutions for critical issues. Drawing on decades of industry experience, VENZA offers a comprehensive suite of security awareness, data protection, and compliance tools designed from the ground-up to fit your needs.

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