Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions Update for Spring 2021

Oracle Hospitality Food and Beverage Solutions

Reimagine F&B Operations in Hotels with Oracle Hospitality: Successful hoteliers are transforming dining into a highlight for their guests, keeping them and their revenue on-site. Some are even converting their restaurants into hotspots, attracting droves of customers from local communities prior to COVID-19.

How do they do it? By replacing prehistoric cash registers with innovative, multipurpose, guest-facing, point-of-sale solutions that personalize dining for each customer. They’re installing kitchen display systems that orchestrate orders and meal prep, and offering robust hardware that helps deliver great service anytime, anywhere.

Point of Sale: Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud facilitates a new approach to the restaurant guest experience by reducing IT cost and complexity. This cloud-based POS system with industry-specific hardware is designed for the daily rigors of restaurant life. The subscription cost includes updates, eliminating the need to continuously purchase software. It also means on-site servers are no longer required at every location, erasing related IT support and maintenance costs.

Kitchen Display System: In a busy kitchen, relying solely on printers can really undermine performance. Upgrading to Oracle Hospitality’s kitchen display systems (KDS) goes far beyond saving paper and ink costs; it means revolutionizing kitchen efficiency and possessing the power to make changes on the fly. The bottom line is fewer mistakes, faster and better service and happier guests.

KDS instantly displays order information on an expeditor screen as well as station screens – meaning orders are never misinterpreted, misheard or missed. It also synchronizes timing for meal preparation and delivery sequence. Paired with guest-facing tablets that can take orders at tableside and instantaneously process them to the kitchen, KDS minimizes delays and increases table turn.

One of KDS’ most important features is its reporting capability. Every ticket is recorded, yielding data such as elapsed time from order to completion. With detailed documentation, operators can identify which station is performing best or struggling the most.

Reporting: Oracle MICROS Reporting and Analytics is where data comes to life, providing web-based reports and exports for an entire enterprise or individual location. InMotion Mobile, the free companion app, delivers real-time data, graphs, and alerts right to the manager’s smartphone, turning data into actionable insights.

Hardware: Improving satisfaction also means providing options. Equipping staff with guest-facing tablets not only expedites ordering but offers a dynamic means to showcase menu items or explain nutritional information.

Oracle hardware is sleek and showcases a modern aesthetic, but it’s engineered for rugged dependability. Spill resistant and built to withstand extreme environments, it's durable and guaranteed to extend any capital investment.

Integrating to OPERA: Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud and Oracle Hospitality OPERA are two key components of a seamless hotel and F&B operation. From in-room dining to room charge to guest and package visibility, Oracle POS and PMS products integrate seamlessly and are constantly being improved to provide exceptional guest experiences.  

Integrations: Oracle’s Simphony Partner Integration Program empowers third-party solutions to integrate with published APIs, offering customers a range of options for innovating food and beverage operations – whether it’s through mobile ordering, delivery, loyalty or almost any third-party technology that enhances the F&B experience.

Oracle Hospitality is committed to delivering management and operational tools that make life simple and productive in the back office and front of house. Oracle F&B solutions are embraced by leading hoteliers worldwide. Contact Oracle Hospitality to reimagine the possibilities. Discover more about Oracle Hospitality’s new products by visiting

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