Safety NetAccess, Inc. Update for Spring 2023

Safety NetAccess, Inc.

Since 2001, Safety NetAccess has been designing, building and supporting wired and wireless networks, along with voice and video solutions for hospitality, multifamily, assisted living, resorts and other public properties. Family-owned, the company has grown from a two-man startup to one of the country’s most reliable and trusted partners. Along the way, the company has been certified by most major hotel brands, and remain in the top echelon of providers certified to deploy, where it consistently rank as a top-performing partner every year. Safety NetAccess’ network design services, installation teams and support services set the industry standard.

Today, Safety NetAccess is deployed in 5,000+ venues providing millions of authentications daily, and while the company is proud of its  growth and the distinctions received, what truly excites them is thinking about the millions of users who have had a flawless experience with Safety NetAccess' solutions, which include:

Guest Wi-Fi Networks

As a leading guest internet provider with an integrity-first philosophy, Safety NetAccess surveys, designs, builds and supports wireless and wired networks for many industries – all with its client’s specific needs in mind.

Telecom Solutions

Safety NetAccess is proud to be a leader providing voice and collaboration communication solutions and services to hospitality and enterprises of all sizes. Its solutions can either be on-premise or cloud-based.

24/7-Tiered Support

Safety NetAccess' call center consists of Tier 1, 2, 3 level, and NOC support agents with expertise and access to all management tools for remote troubleshooting and monitoring. Combined with multiple SLAs the company has the ability to meet any need.

Television Solutions

With innovative streaming capabilities, accompanied by DISH’s channel packages, you now have the ability to take control of the TV options provided for your viewers – enabling your property to generate revenue and give viewers what they have been asking for a choice.

SNA Event Productions

Safety NetAccess has reimagined, revolutionized and yet simplified every aspect of what was formerly known as AV by providing elegant and "awe-tomatic" solutions in a singular eco-system of creativity and network horsepower as a total solution and all-inclusive.


The Safety NetAccess Portal (SNAP) platform includes features and capabilities that optimize performance, increasing visibility and efficiency as you look after your clients and their customers. SNAP provides centralized authentication, multiple site management, hardware management, portal pages, brand compliance, multiple authentication methods, support for multiple gateways, extensive reporting options, zone migration and conference tool.

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